Fail of Your Day


Yeah, no:


If there was ever a use for one of those usb condoms. That is that use.


Indeed. I always have one on me when I travel.


I too always carry a USB condom. I’m going to need a USB-C condom though. Does anyone make one yet?

This is the one I have:


My bank (Schwab) really failed me today by not allowing me to get cashier’s checks on demand, which my new apartment landlord requested for the security deposit. Granted I also think it’s dumb that my new landlord requires a cashier’s check in the first place, but it should be an easy standard thing to get. I can easily get one from my other bank (CapitalOne) tomorrow, but I just feel bad for having to keep pushing back when I said I’d get the checks in.


I tried making a whole chicken in a slow cooker crock pot using a recipe I found online. The spice mix turned out utterly foul (or should I say… fowl?) after cooking. Something about the combination of spices had an unappetizing cloying stink after cooking. I hate to waste most of a chicken but its just inedible.


Used to work for Schwab. Even as a job hungry teenager I left when I saw the inside. I ran away. Granted that was about 12 or so years ago but still…


Can I ask for what the recipe was? Just so I can know to steer clear?


Kid is going to need to get his tonsils removed… the same weekend as Anime Boston…



Apparently we Minnesotans don’t learn from each other’s mistakes.


Gross. Who would willingly drink that stuff?
It’s meant for baking, not drinking.


All it is is cheap vodka that has had vanilla beans soaking in it for a long time, so its basically just drinking shitty vanilla vodka. You can make it yourself.


I used to put it in my Dr. Pepper…


We pick people up drunk on mouthwash all the time. Liquor store closed or not enough money for “real” alcohol are the usual culprits :frowning:


This is the message I get when trying to repair a Mac boot drive on another Mac:

If you reboot in recovery mode (cmd+r) you get… the same message.
Internet says try “Internet Recovery” (cmd+opt+r)… same message.
Further reading suggests cmd+shift+opt+r so I try that and… USB media doesn’t show up in Disk Utility.

Data isn’t actually lost so not really a big deal, but fail nonetheless.


The moment when you got an awesome panel idea for pax east, only to realize that submissions are closed. Dang deadlines when I am dealing with other cons.


Forgot my Apple watch at home today. Have to keep taking my phone out of my pocket all the time.

Then my lightning-headhpone adapter broke. Gotta go to Apple store to get a new one later.



The fix is in.

Fifteen characters of fix.


26 months old and my Xperia X Compact has just died for seemingly no reason.

I swear they do it on purpose once it passes the 2 year contract period.