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My high school had about 750 students, so less than 200 students per grade. That’s pretty small. The quality of the learning materials was pretty high. Like I wrote, I went to a pretty middle to upper-middle class suburban high school in New York. We’re not talking about Kansas here. The culture WAS incredibly different though, and I remember the sheer force of that culture shock hitting me like a brick wall my first day in 9th grade.

That all being said, my point in talking about my own school experience wasn’t to compare private schools with public schools, because ultimately that’s apples to oranges, but to point out that even in “Blue” states like NY, schools aren’t always great. It’s not just a “Red” state problem, the entire public education system in the US could be improved, better funded, etc.


No, you’re correct. I don’t want to get into the differences between the major religions, but Judaism does have a long-standing tradition of questioning things, and encouraging critical thinking, instead of just relying on dogma. My parents used to joke that they knew that I would become a lawyer because of all the arguments I used to get into with the Rabbis teaching my classes about Talmudic law, etc.


Yeah, my second highscool had about 450 students when I graduated. Has about 650 now. My graduating class was 86…

Had a prestigious sounding name: Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE) in reality it was just a really small highscool using a magnet system.

I knew every single student. I knew every single teacher. I knew every singe administrator. It was like a small town. You’d hear about everything everyone did.


Class sizes in my middle school were ~32.

Class sizes in my much richer high school were ~24. Specialized AP classes were ~6.


I got my CCNA in highscool, class size 5, and one of those was a TA… My largest class at AITE was like maybe 15 for like English. With everyone in everyone’s business it was hard not to have pressure on you from all sides to keep your grades decent.


This is why even I as a heathen atheist love reading interesting passages from the Talmud.

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Rabbis dunking on incels a thousand plus years ago.


There are obviously a very large number of reasons, none of which individually account for the difference in education. You could even have huge differences within the same grade in the same school if one teacher is much better than another.

The one thing I don’t see mentioned often enough is simply that to a large extent, students will learn what you teach them. If you teach calculus in 10th grade instead of 12th grade or college, you’ll have 10th graders that know calculus. Not everyone’s going to get an A, but some will. You obviously can’t teach calculus in Kindergarten, but the capabilities of children are still vastly underestimated.

Also, 16 year olds should be able to vote.


I wasn’t familiar with that passage, or at least I don’t remember it.

That’s awesome.


Speaking of which…

“On Thursday, the D.C. City Council Committee on the Judiciary and Public safety unanimously voted to send the Youth Vote Amendment Act of 2018 to the full council. The bill would make D.C. the fifth city in the country to grant voting rights to 16- and 17-year-olds, and the first to allow voters under 18 to cast a ballot in federal elections.”


I remember watching a documentary a while back and one scene was of a Rabbinical school in Israel that basically consisted of the younger students in, often very heated and loud, debates with their older teachers. The Rabbi giving the tour of the school to the documentary’s host was like, “Not only was this normal, this was expected and desired at a Rabbinical school.”


I remember hearing a joke something like if God showed up at a religious debate among rabbis to correct them they’d tell God to shut up.


There’s a reason why there’s the expression that:

“Ask two Jews for their opinions, get three answers in reply.”


I’m the only tech in the office this week and we’ve had almost three times the amount of tickets than we do in a regular day. Everyone has been so abrasive for some reason and its starting to wear me down to a frayed mess. I just want to go to bed and listen to music while I fall asleep, I’m done.


'tis the season. SAD and holiday stress kicking into gear making people be assholes. I really hate this time of year, I’m with you on hibernating until New Year’s.


I had the same experience with Catholic Elementary and then going to public schools for Jr. and Sr. High, it was surreal.


As predicted, right after Steam introduced prices being displayed in AUD, a TON of big developers quietly jacked up their prices by about 30-35% above the exchange rate. Despite being told by Steam(and frankly, against the advice of any marketing team or company worth their salt) that games sell on average 25% better when they’re priced at parity with US prices.


Ugh, my local community facebook group is being racist and shitty again. This time, it’s playing racist amateur detective, and basically trying to tenuously link every missing pet, robbery, vandalism, assault and jaywalking to a mysterious group of four “african youths” (by which they mean Black Immigrants, despite every CCTV of the alleged perpetrators they find including at least one visibly white person). It’s all very Reddit “finding” the Boston bombers.

I would say I dearly hope the perpetrators get caught, and they end up being all white Australian-born people - as most of the people who actually commit crimes in this suburb are - but I’m kidding myself, I know that even if that happens, not a soul in the group will say a damned thing or change one iota. I recall when a group of five white dudes were caught on CCTV breaking into cars in the local area, and people were still on the “Deport them all, bloody immigrants!” train. I hate this fucking place sometimes. Or pretty regularly actually, so many quietly extremely shitty people live here. I wish I could afford to move somewhere else.


Thanks to a miscommunication between my wife and I and computer payment system fuckery my debit card let me overdraft past my overdraft line of credit and I’m stranded with no gas. Fun!


This is how we received someone’s emails:

Printed, boxed and shipped to our door. We couldn’t use them like this if we wanted to because they’re missing header info.


What the hell do you do with all that crap?