Fail of Your Day


Was supposed to fly to Philadelphia for training. Flight gets cancelled so I ended up scrambling for a new solution. All the flights would get me there after training started, so I am taking the train, because at least I’ll get there tonight.


Something similar happened to me a couple years ago. I was flying to Chicago for a one day conference thing. My flight there that morning was delayed… and delayed… and delayed… until it would get me to Chicago basically after the conference ended.

I just canceled the flight (and got a full refund) and gave up on the conference =(


Delayed or cancelled flights on the way there suck. Delayed or cancelled flights on the way home are potentially awesome assuming you don’t have anything to do at home.


That fact right there is why I’m riding the rails. I know how much Amtrak will delay or run slow. And it gives me some time to mess around in Penn station if I can’t get an earlier train in NYC.




Better than Mole Station.



So Oxford Union platforms Nazis now.

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Had my flight physical on Saturday (it’s necessary to get a pilot’s license). Two fails here.

Fail #1: Despite still having excellent distance vision, my eyes have aged (42 years) to the point where I need reading glasses (over-the-counter should suffice) for up-close vision.

Fail #2: Due to other issues, I couldn’t pass the physical on the spot but need the FAA to review my paperwork and get back to me if I’m fit to fly or not. This is a “low workload” time of the year for them, so I should hear back in 3-4 weeks.


Good luck with it!


I had to explain to a latina co-worker, who said she voted for Trump because “he is a business man and I thought he would know something.” about all of his criminality. She did say she regretted her vote beforehand, but I was flabbergasted. I don’t understand how someone can utterly miss all the direct racism to their own people and vote for that mongrel.


They don’t read news. At all.


Or they only watch right-wing “news” which is basically the opposite of news.


The right-wing run up to midterms was that Hispanic immigrants were evil. How do you sell that to the aforementioned Latina coworker?


Probably the “I’ve got mine, so fuck everyone else” mentality.


Dude, I meet people who aren’t quite clear on what “left” vs “right” means, or who don’t realize that the GOP is the Republican Party.

People who don’t know how to vote.

People who don’t actually know anything that Trump’s done in the last two years.

People don’t know things.


This is biased, but I’ve only ever heard that from people born in the US. My work puts my into contact with a lot immigrants and none of them think like that.


There’s plenty of Hispanic citizens who have lineages in the US going back generations now. Totally possible for them to have such mentality.


My work puts me in contact with immigrants and “reasonable people” exclusively. I can grok people who think otherwise, but that doesn’t make them right.


Exactly. Not everyone who is Hispanic is an immigrant.