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Also Diablo just sucks? I never understood the appeal, it’s always been click the monsters hope for good loot, basically gacha before gacha was a thing. Fuck Diablo and no it’s not cos I’m salty on more than one occasion in late high school DnD was cancelled AFTER EVERYONE ARRIVED AT THE DM’S HOUSE BECAUSE THE DM AND ANOTHER PLAYER WOULDN’T STOP FUCKING CLICKING ON COWS OR WHATEVER THE FUCK.


Every once in awhile I just do a candy box or a Diablo, open some gatchas, and then I drop it like a hot potato.


I get it, I have a thing for gambling type stuff, love some poker or mahjong and even an innocuous gacha thing like Cat Collector. But my latent rage from fourteen years ago at Diablo burns bright in my heart to this day. It’s also why I’m a complete prick about distractions at my role-play table. No phones, no laptops, no tablets, no books that aren’t in immediate use. If you’re bored you can leave the game and your character can wander off from the party or get eaten by a monster or something.


I mean, I enjoyed grinding out some levels in Final Fantasy IV not that long ago. Everyone eats some garbage now and then and loves every second of it. :wink:


Well played sir, well played :stuck_out_tongue:


When the hype was that they were going to announce Diablo 4 someone was talking about building it up in a style more like Dark Souls as opposed to an ARPG. Probably would get a lot of push back from people, but I think that fits one of the angles you could look at the first Diablo from. I was playing that game as a kid, and I was creeped out by each new dungeon level for a bit. I’m personally not opposed to them making other games within the setting.


The “reaction” to the announcement is another example of the ridiculous entitlement culture of a certain segment of people who play games.

Said people are basically gomergate-lite.

See also, the people flipping out that Teen Titans GO is more popular than regular Teen Titans ever was or could have been, that Steven Universe didn’t make their weird fanfic about Ruby being nearsighted canon, etc…


They are also often gomergate classic, as in the exact same people.


I’m not trying to completely defend the overreaction to the news, but if you were a Blizzard and/or Diablo fanatic, and paid $200 for tickets, plus airfare, plus hotel costs, plus the time waiting on line and what not, and the big announcement was… a mobile game that looks like a free-to-play shovelware? I’d probably be a little salty as well.


I have little sympathy for anyone at blizcon finding out blizz is making a game not targeted at exactly them.

They’re at fucking blizcon, they’re having the time of their lives. I say this as someone who desperately wanted to go to that con back when I was in the, tons of time and energy but no money phase of life.

They’re getting peeks at the new hearthstone expansion, checking out whatever they’re doing with wow (new expansion?) checking out the pvp tournaments, they’ve gotten the in game bliz swag you get for attending that can only be gotten that way. They’re hanging out with the only other people in the world who “get it”. In other words, they’ve gotten their money’s worth.

I have little sympathy for their collective freak out.


But that’s my point… if you’re going to BlizzCon, you’re the “hardcore of the hardcore.” You’ve paid tons of money and waited online for hours for an announcement, and what you get is a mobile game?

I have no problem with Blizzard making this game. I just think that whoever decided to announce it at BlizzCon and as one of the “key” announcements badly miscalculated. This was neither the venue nor the target audience for the game.


If you go through all that trouble so you can sit in a room to hear an announcement live that you could have heard on Twitch or read online for effectively free, then you deserve what you get. What you get is a valuable lesson that Blizzcon is a worthless “convention” that is actually just an advertisement. Imagine going through all that trouble to attend an advertisement in person when people like me are putting in so much effort to block all ads.


There is difference between being disappointed and bummed out and Internet Overreaction that has happened. It’s totally understandable why long term series fans would be disappointed and I think it’s fair to say that Blizzard’s handling of the announcement was not the best. But there are lots of people going way beyond that, from reasonable displeasment into ridiculous rage Internet Bullshit, which can lead to not fun things like harassment of people involved with the game or even those who defend it.

In addition, apparently Blizzard had told people to not get their hopes up and said the Diablo announcement won’t be what most people expect, basically telling without directly saying that it wouldn’t be Diablo 4. So it’s not like there were no warnings. But I guess these days trying to be subtle is waste of time and effort.


I agree. The amount of Internet rage is a complete overreaction, but that doesn’t mean that being somewhat angry isn’t a valid response. I can understand the anger and disappointment without condoning the level of it. What I don’t get are the people who don’t understand why this was a terrible announcement to make at BlizzCon.

This, I’m going to have to disagree with. Never trust marketing people. Blizzard could be like “It’s totally not Diablo 4” wink wink. Apparently they’ve been hyping up some big Diablo announcement for a while now.

We get it. You don’t like something, so it must be “worthless.”


What is good about attending Blizzcon in person? Obviously there are benefits for Blizzard employees, competitors, partners, and such, but for a fan? What specific benefits does a fan receive by being there in person? What specific activities can a fan participate in there that they couldn’t otherwise? What specifically happens there that makes it worthwhile for even the biggest fan to pay the price in time and money to attend Blizzcon?

I can think of any other than attending some major eSports competitions live and in person. But Blizzard has actually removed a lot of their biggest eSports stuff from Blizzcon. Hearthstone World Championships is not at Blizzcon anymore. Overwatch World Championships not at Blizzcon anymore. This year it was just Starcraft, which was great, but worth the price to be there in person vs. watching on Twitch?


I know some people for which Blizzcon was their PAX. The people I know are WOW players that have had accounts with active subscriptions since the beginning. They also, being single-minded WOW people, don’t think much of this Diablo announcement. They mostly seemed irritated that they no-longer server beer in the convention center or something. But outside of those people and some other specifics (e-sports?) it is very largely an advertisement venue. So are most conventions, but most conventions the convention itself has more vendors.

The ven diagram of people in this situation is kinda hard to lay out. It’s like there are both gamergaters and bloggers just frothing at the mouth to fight each other. Meanwhile most of the people I actually know are like, “That’s some obviously bad PR handling by Blizzard, but unsurprising.”


What do these WoW players actually DO at Blizzcon?


I think they drink, eat, and fuck. That’s what I’ve surmised from the stories.


Oh, I don’t know, hang out with other people who love the same things you do. Buy merchandise. Pretty much what every other convention is like?

Why go to a sporting event live when you can just watch it on TV?

If you can’t understand the attraction and excitement of seeing something live, I’m not going to bother trying to explain it to you.


I’ve never been but I’ve seen the videos. There’s the wow themed dance contest, the cosplay contest, the ETC (eltie tauren chieftan) concert, a series of other wow themed concerts, panels hosted by famous guilds in the game. Meet the actual Leeroy Jenkins, etc etc etc. There’s a lot to do if your entire life is this one game.

Though perhaps the biggest draw, if I had to guess, is the fact that wow (moreso in the past than in the present) is an inherently social game. You meet and make friends with people from all over the world. Blizzcon may be the only time every year you get to meet, and hang out with the people you have known only as a faceless voice for years.