Fail of Your Day


They’re pretty pricey compared to what I pay for jeans (usually I pay about $25 a pair), but I may check them out if they’re really as good as you say they are.


I showed this to Chris and her response was, “me thinks the gentleman doth proclaims too much.”


I just knocked over a stack of sorted screw bins with a bunch falling into the computer I was looking at.
Empty bins and all the screws that fell out when I shook the computer:


Younger Rym would panic, remove the motherboard, and do a methodical examination for any potentially dangerous scratches before powering it back on.

Current Rym would ignore this as long as it still booted.


Why does everything need to be social media these days? Just let me give you money and listen to music, Spotify. I don’t everything I follow or listen to pushed to a fucking profile page.

I can’t even change my username to something random to anonymize it. The FAQ recommends making a new account if you want to change your username.


In the never ending saga of “the fucking mac”, the SSD died when I tried to upgrade VMware ESXi on it last week.


My modem just died on me this morning and the replacement won’t come in till Friday.

Why doesn’t AT&T just carry the damn equipment in their stores? There’s one less than a mile away from me, but no. I have to wait for some arbitrary appointment.


Just buy one at BestBuy or even WalMart. If you’re renting it from the ISP you’ve probably paid several times what a decent modem costs over the time you’ve been paying for the service. On top of that, often the modem they rent you is old and might not actually go the speed of the internet you’re paying for. That’s what happened to my wife and me. There ought to be instructions on the ISP site telling how to set up your own modem.


Question: I have AT&T U-verse, so I need an ADSL modem. I did a bit of surfing on Amazon and found that my options are limited (not all work with U-verse). I then found this list of modems that both are and aren’t approved by AT&T. If I go with a non-approved modem, would it still work?


Minor fail, but I think needs to tweak their suggestions algorithm a bit. I got this in my inbox:


That said, I hope actual Worcester area lesbians on got that suggestion.


I don’t know a ton about DSL, I’ve always had cable modems which are pretty much universal. I’d snag one you know for sure will work.


Are you sure it’s ADSL and not VDSL?

I’d personally go with something on their approved list just because that usually means you can call into tech support and they’ll walk you through exactly what to do with that one, whereas if it’s not approved that’s not guaranteed. Technically though it could probably be configured, and there’s some 3rd party forums and stuff where someone will probably know how to do it supposing it’s possible.


I’ve been listening to the Dune audiobook on Youtube. It’s about 20 hours long. With 10 minutes left to go my computer required a restart. I restart and return to discover the link has been removed.


I know everyone complains about robocalls but I get way more spam texts from email addresses (never the same email address twice) and don’t know what to do about it.


It’s ADSL. I went to Best Buy and that’s what they told me.

Anyway, I went on the Amazon page for one of the non-approved models (the Motorola one) and posed the question. Motorola actually responded with, “No, it doesn’t work with U-verse.”

So I guess that settles it. AT&T-approved only. Got it.

Anyway, it’s Friday now and the technician plugged in our new modem, so we’re good.


Who do you use as your email provider? Maybe they need better spam filters? Email is even easier to forge than caller ID.


I’m not getting them through email, I’m getting them as SMS.


Oh, my misunderstanding… Sometimes your carrier has a number you can forward spam texts too. It seems to at least work with AT&T as I don’t get as many as I used to.

By the way, and this applies to everyone reading this, next time someone asks for your phone number, try giving them this one instead: 778-330-2389

Don’t worry if you want to call it yourself, it’s mostly harmless.


Gamergaters are rabid for diablo controversy.

Personally I don’t care that there will exist a Diablo mobile gated cookie clicker game, whatever. That said, the presenter for it seems a bit head-up-his-ass. “Do you not own phones?” The memes are at least mildly entertaining.


There have been many instances of “hardcore” fans being mad when their favorite IP gets put onto a less hardcore thing. This one is particularly hilarious. They are mad that Blizzard is putting out Diablo as a baby mobile game, but actual Diablo III is already a baby do-nothing game!