Fail of Your Day


We don’t interview a ton of people for software, we’re a manufacturing firm, but he was recommended and just finished a master’s so the boss thought it’d be worth taking a look. I went with something so simple because his bachelor’s was in graphic design, the master’s is in human computer interaction, coding is obviously not his strong suit, and I wasn’t given a ton of time with him before the boss grabbed him to show him the factory floor.

I’ll have to think a bit more how I approach such interviews in the future. The phrasing just really threw me off, to me, if someone has a list of things under a heading like that I kind of expect that they’ve mastered it, or at least done more than taken a class or two in it.


Some jackass (or perhaps number of jackasses) has been trying to hack my bank account to the point where it seems like I get locked out of it due to “too many failed attempts” every couple of weeks.


Two of my most frequented online groups independently imploded today and now the internet seems like a much smaller place to me. :confused:


I chose the week my girlfriend leaves for Canada for five months to quit smoking. Has not been a fun day for YT.



Blown tire is causing me to cancel plans this evening.


If you think you’re having a bad day, just be thankful you’re not this guy.


And I just learned more than I ever need the know about that cannon.

If they were getting ready for training, why was there real ammo instead of practice ammo in there?


This is a pure guess, but I’d think that if you want to practice shooting targets or whatnot you need ammo that acts just like real live ammo for the practice to be anyway useful. And at that point it’s gonna be destructive, even if you were to use some other softer, weaker, material. So might as well save time and money and just use normal real ammo.


Every military unit does at least some live fire practice with actual combat ammunition, so they might have loaded the actual HE rounds for ground attack practice or similar. Also, even if they were using the practice rounds at close range it’s still a blast of 20mm hunks of steel firing point blank into another aircraft full of fuel and its own weapon stores.


After all the years of humans making clothes, you’d think we’d be able to make pants that don’t crush my balls when I sit with good posture.


I can’t vouch for these, but they do have a good name.


Apparently I fat-fingered enough ssh logins to my Linux box at work that I got my Windows work box’s IP listed in the denyhosts blacklist.


hehe I’ve only ever gotten myself a 15 minute time out in fail2ban for this offense, doing more than that would be… well. I’m not sure we have a harsher penalty than 15 minute time out other than a manual IP ban done by me for being penalty boxed too many times.


Are you using password authentication?


I am… I had it set up to use keys, but somehow my keys got messed up and I haven’t bothered fixing them.

Edit: I also sometimes fat-finger the username as I sometimes type the user ID for a lab machine as opposed to my build machine.


I can absolutely 100% vouch for Duluth jeans. A++ ample ball room, and also indestructible crotches. Their jeans all have crotch gussets, so they’re super durable.

I will never by lesser jeans again. They simply cannot contain my majesty.


Those are words.


Set the default username for that machine in .ssh/config.


I’ll buy a pair and see if they can contain my majesty without crushing them.

Seriously though, I think this is the number one reason that I slouch all the time in chairs. Stupid pants.