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I don’t care about the reviews but I’m still mad they ditched the star system for the most part.


Eh, I used to be annoyed, until I found out that you literally never saw anyone else’s reviews, only your own, and predicted scores. The closest you came to actually seeing anyone else’s reviews, is that they used reviews in aggregate to tune the recommendation algorithm - so, basically, if a hundred people who watched A, B, C and D didn’t like show G, then it would reduce the predicted rating for anyone who closely matched that profile. That, combined with the fact that the overwhelming majority of star reviews were either one star or five stars, it really means that it makes little difference in end result over the more binary thumb up/down thing they have now.

And let’s face it, reddit is just using it as another excuse to spin dumb conspiracy theories about people and things they don’t like, they don’t actually give a single, solitary shit about reviews beyond their ability to have another platform to attack people and things they hate.


The star system was like anything else, what you get out of it was what you put in. I used 2, 3, and 4 star ratings to make Netflix know what I liked and didn’t like better. I want the option to get that granularity even if most people are using it as a binary system.


I have no idea what this is because I have mostly disconnected from the news because my blood pressure and anxiety can’t take the constant barrage of bullshit. What the fuck is this shit?


You’ll need to be more specific about which shit you mean, I’m sorry to say.


The Reddit Netflix review controversy.


Awe. I’m so sorry. I hope it you got good use out of it, but you’ll always have the baby Cthulhu.


Calling it a controversy is probably a little grandiose of a description for what is ultimately just a reddit tantrum because one of their favorite bludgeons, review-bombing, is being taken away on one of the sites where they regularly do it. The part where they’re making conspiracy theories about how it was people they don’t like doing it, or somehow their fault, that’s pretty much just par for the course for reddit. Reddit fucking loves attacking people, and loves utterly mundane conspiracy theories to cover lack of knowledge.


I don’t get it really. I accept that this all happens because if I challenge ya, you’ll show me more proof than I know what to do with. But I go on reddit basically every day and I don’t see any of this. Only reason I found out about it was this thread.


I figured as much. Neckbeards being neckbeards.


Reddit is like a city. You could live in the murder capital of an entire nation, and never personally witness a murder yourself - it’s just a matter of what you see, and what happens out of your view. Like, this happened in a default - /r/movies - but if you don’t really go to /r/movies and if it doesn’t get picked up by a metasub you follow, or even if you do and you just skip that thread because the headline doesn’t interest you, there’s a good chance you’ll never see it.

Like, the post in question - don’t go to /r/movies, won’t see it. If you don’t care about netflix user reviews(which honestly is most people, because the reason they’re killing it is mostly because almost nobody uses them) you’d never click the thread, and see the bullshit conspiracy theories. If you care enough to read the article, but don’t care to read the thread, you’d never see them. Despite this sort of shit being incredibly prevalent on the site, because of the compartmentalized nature of each discussion, it’s not hard to miss it a lot of the time.


I love the star system for the same reasons. In fact, if you still use Netflix’s DVD shipping service, you still have access to the stars. I still use both shipping and streaming, because between them, I can get just about any movie or show without paying for multiple streaming services. I wouldn’t give up the DVD service for anything, but if they removed the star system from that, it would come close.



I did see that comic in my Twitter feed. They have to remind me because I never heard of Shadman in my life. I also didn’t even bother to see who made the comic.


Turns out that no one is exaggerating. Dude seems to legit be both a pedophile and a nazi.


That should leverage into “What’s with all these awful Youtubers being popular?” cause he interacts with so many Youtube people. Especially those from the Newgrounds Animation Clique. It’s really, really fucked. There’s a tumblr that has it all detailed that he was convicted of his crimes in Switzerland then fled.



I thought that happened years ago. Am I misremembering?


Sometimes there’s discrepancies between claimed sales and RIAA certified sales? This is the certified sales taking over.


What’s wrong with the Eagles Greatest Hits? That’s a great album.