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Well, fuck that dude. And hope you aren’t having a stroke.


I’d never heard of that before, buy how can somebody look at that and not think, “Yep, that’s a racist doll.”


It’s more of a UK thing, but Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are based on it. They used to literally be slaves until that wasn’t kosher any more.


Huh, TIL.

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You would be amazed you really would be. I met up with some of my old school friends. We went to a private boarding school together, I mean mostly it was for army kids and those with special needs but you get the idea. Spent most of their late teens and early twenties partying and travelling most of them where proper Lads. Got chatting with them and they are to a man big feminists and taking an active part in local and national politics with a progressive view to changing our really conservative county.

On the flip side the guy I was talking to came from the poverty line and was one of my chefs. Heavily depended on the welfare system for his family. Yet is a big Brexit supporter who in the last couple of years has become more and more right leaning in his views. Despite blaming the rich and immigrants for his problems (most of which are a bit self made). UK has gone mad as a bag of spaniels.


Stress from my job is causing me to clench and grind my teeth at night while I’m sleeping. Not only has this caused my temporomandibular joint to become inflamed, making it painful for me to chew, but it’s causing me headaches during the day.


It’ll fuck up your teeth too if it lasts. It’s probably why I get cavities.


That’s what I’m worried about. Hopefully, the condition will go away by itself, but if not, I think a trip to the dentist is in order.

I just want to be able to chew solid food again.


Go see your dentist now, don’t wait.


I grind my teeth like crazy in my sleep, so my dentist recommended a sleep guard.

I wake up chewing the stupid thing, but at least I’m not destroying my teeth anymore.


Wizard World has re-branded…


Does Wizard magazine still exist?


No. The magazine ceased publication in 2011.


Fireworks festival was cancelled yesterday due to a massive rain storm. Which was a real downer as we had spent months getting things ready, including making the fireworks by hand. Seems like I spent too much time in the sun as I am feeling like death and have to go out in an hour to set up again and hope the weather holds off.