Fail of Your Day


As a kid I genuinely enjoyed the taste of slimfast. Couldn’t imagine replacing my diet with it though. Just drank slimfast like it was any other drink. Like I’d have a slimfast WITH my supper.


Fixed that for you.


I don’t think Scott “I put ketchup on noodles” Rubin is in a position to critique taste.


While we’re on food, I was reading some reddit thread on queso and I found the marketing “performance cheese” a bit amusing.

Years ago I had similarly laughed way harder than I should at Rico’s finely aged nacho cheese, the profit maker.


It doesn’t taste that bad, like a thin milkshake and I’ll admit there were times as a bum teenager when I got up with ten minutes til the bus got there and a Slimfast was the only thing between me and starving til lunch. Wouldn’t make a habit of it tho.


Yeah, thankfully I’m talking about like 7 years old.

There’s a line in the West Wing where someone is saying they’re healthy because they eat like they did in college and they were healthy in college. The reply “You were college aged, you could have been eating the tupperware your food was in and been healthy, you need to develop new habits” really jives with me.


I drank Slimfast for about a week or so in 6th grade when I got braces for the first time and my teeth hurt too much to chew. After I could eat solid food again, I swore never again!


Similarly, Ensure was a godsend during my tonsillectomy recovery. It was so good I thought “man why don’t I drink this stuff all the time?”

Apparently it tastes like chalky garbage when you don’t actually need it.


Cleaning the bathroom and the soap dish rusted right off the wall.


The key issue with the egg mcmuffin is that it is dry. No sauce. You are just relying on the limited moistness of the meat.


I was told to drink Ensure as part of a soft diet after I had my torn esophagus repaired (long story). I couldn’t stomach it as it smelled way too much like my kid’s baby formula (and it was made by the same company too!).


There’s also butter and cheese. But if you want to convince them to make like… little hollandaise sauce buckets… I’d try it once.


That’s the job of the mcdonalds cheese, it adds needed fat to the combo to make it non-dry. Also, a sausage mcmuffin with egg is just tastier.



So the firm I am temping with is handling processing claims for a big product liability drug case - Olmesartan/Benicar if anyone knows what that is. My job is to examine and process the claims. All the temp contractors got their first sets of real claims to process, and this particular block all came from the same firm in New Jersey. They have the WORST document handling possible. They didn’t follow any of the directions for document submission so lots of records are out of order, no highlighting of key facts, and whatever they did to scan documents was total shit and done without OCR so you can’t search the PDFs. We are having to manually read every page of every document. Luckily, (sort of) they are very obvious ambulance chasers and took any and all clients so most of the claims are crap, and there aren’t too many documents per claim, but we have to sift through those documents for two hours to figure out they’re crap.


Jet lagged to buggery and back. Picked up a sinus infection, think I’ve been having some form of stroke. And I spent most of yesterday puking my guts out and explaining to an absolute ball bag that a super racist doll is racist and action man isn’t.


Golliwog doll, perchance?


Yeah I didn’t feel comfortable writing it. What with being massively white and knowing my luck tangentially related to their creation.


I wanted to be sure of what you were talking about, but, how. How does someone not see it as racist. Like, just look at it. Like someone who is mad racist would be like, cool that’s a racist doll.


Well at first I thought they genuinely didn’t know as I used to employ the guy and he was not the sharpest tool in the day (thought that China was in Japan). Then his mate chimes in and it all went down hill. This was a dude who had “proud xenophobic” like talking to some teenage edgelord.