Fail of Your Day


That egg you used to make was of the same taste, color, and consistency of mcdonalds egg.


Waffle House are a chain diner, if given the option take the diner.


Was never a fan of the fast food breakfast sandwich. The breakfast taco has always been my go to fast food breakfast item. Chorizo and egg tacos. Muy Bueno.


If you mean what I think you mean I would say that Waffle House is better than at least half of the independently owned diners I’ve been to. I don’t say that lightly. If my soul was a building it would be a diner.


Waffle House is amazing during a night of drinking and stumbling up at 2am for motherfucking PANCKES!!

However when I’m hungover the last place I want to be is a Waffle House dealing with people and having the noise of a busy diner in the background. Lemme drive through and grab my breakfast sandwich and live in peace.


I know that mood. I think the best hangover food in that case is home-cooked, though. Two fried eggs over easy with cheddar and tomato plus a cup of good strong coffee - delicious and just enough work to get your juices pumpin’ without being too arduous.


I will eat pretty much anything and like it. I can equally enjoy a shitty Taco Bell burrito, a well prepared home cooked meal, a decent local restaurant or a high class can-I-warm-Sir’s-crack-pipe place. Do I recognize one is superior to the other? Of course. Do I sometimes crave a fast food grease bomb and nothing else will do? Definitely.


I used to think that way, but then I would have to prepare to eat shitty food, and then that preparation became more strenuous. Now if I ever wanted to eat something sufficiently shitty it would probably require so much preparation that no food would make it worth it.


I’m with Marmot, I’ll eat any old shit. I don’t prepare to eat shitty food or owt, I just eat what I eat and I’m happy with that. I make good food if I’m cooking, I rarely make junk, but if there’s junk on offer and I’m hungry, I have zero issue with it. In fact, the only things I absolutely cannot stand are Coriander(tastes like a bar of dial), Rockett/Arugala(Tastes like a bar of dial that’s been pissed on), and strong Mustards(Which taste like being kicked in the face while drinking battery acid, though the much softer kind, like your regular hotdog mustard or honey mustard, is fine).


I would eat McDonald’s breakfast everyday if it wouldn’t make me poor as well as slowly kill me.


I see nothing wrong with the egg mcmuffin.


The people I really can’t understand are the ones who eat Soylent et al. instead of food.




To some of us eating isnt an enjoyable experience. Ever. I dont get why thats so hard for you to comprehend.


Well, FML I guess.

After I signed my lease for my new apartment my landlady called me at one point telling me she had to show me something after taking the apartment back from the previous occupant. It was a stain on the wall of the bedroom near the ceiling. She knew that had been some water damage in the above flat a month earlier but she was told that the plumber had fixed everything and had vouched for that. After a bunch of back and forth between various insurance companies (that of the upstairs neighbor and the plumber) and the damage examiner they finally removed the wood panels from the ceiling. The result you can see above.

So this is bad, particularly since I planned to move in tomorrow (but I had to postpone to the weekend anyway). The current situation is that a dehumidifier is in the bedroom and will have to be running for a week or two. Possibly they will have to drill some more into the ceiling and wall to examine the level of humidity in those parts, get rid of the mold, and then of course fix up the ceiling again, possibly replacing the whole wood paneling.

However, I have already moved a bunch of stuff into the apartment, basically everything except my bookshelves, a big closet (the apartment had a walk in one), my desk + computer, and my current bed (bought a new one for the new apartment, the frame of which I had already set up). Thankfully I don’t have to be fully moved out of my current house until the 15th, but yeah, the situation is kind of fucked up.

The only good thing is that it has nothing to do with my own finances or insurances, and I will get a reduction in rent for the month as is mandatory by law here. Also I get to stay with an internet connection during the rest of G1.


I had to talk a friend down from going on a Soylent only diet for a month. I’m really glad he saw reason when I explained in graphic detail the effect it would have on his digestive tract.


I’m all about that sausage biscuit. No egg. Just sausage and biscuit.


As someone who has fought with his weight his entire life, I actually do get it. It takes away your ability to make bad choices in the moment because you made a reasonable one ahead of time.

And even with that said, I make a protein shake myself instead of buying Soylent, because control.


That sounds really rough man. Last place I was looking at in Sunnyside fell through due to current owners not willing to fix the water damage in the cealing and not willing to negotiate on price either. I hope that gets taken care of.


Also, I make a protein shake because the macro balance on Soylent is crap, at least for my diet.