Fail of Your Day


I try not to eat food like that.

I enjoy puzzling out the flavor of all food that I eat. Even simple food has this property if it is well made. All meals are an experience.

If and when I must eat to sustain myself and there is no good food available (e.g., hot-dog at a PAX), it’s something I suffer rather than enjoy. Meals like that are rare, as I avoid them as much as possible.


I kinda wonder between the two of us, who’s weird. I basically only eat because I don’t wanna die, and because I get hungry.

Whiskey and such is the exception where I seem to behave the way you do, every time something enters your mouth.

Else-wise I treat food like I treat sleep. Something annoying that gets in the way of the things I wanna do and if I could I wouldn’t do either one. (exceptions for really awesome foods, or new ones that I’ve never had before)


Normal seems to be enjoying a good meal when it comes along, and being pretty abivilent to the regular routine of normal, boring, whatever food but being able to get a satisfactory experience out of a fast food run.

Living in NYC gives one ample opportunity to skew the rotine in the “every food is good food” routine, which makes the occasional “bunk-ass sustinence-only” meal all the more existentially terrifying.

Meanwhile it’s totally true that someone living in bumble-fuck small-town suburbia who doesn’t cook and doesn’t get out much is probably so used to enjoying whatever truck stop grade swill they can get ahold of, that the occasional real meal they endure is largely foreign and wasted.


Meanwhile, I enjoy both alcohol and food along both of these spectra.

I enjoy some booze and foods for their delicate flavor balance and the tapestry that is presented. Utopias and delicately prepared haute cuisine.

I enjoy some booze and foods for their straightforward simplicity. A greasy-ass cheeseburger and some All Day IPA.


I have not, since I was a teenager, been able to have a satisfactory experience from fast food. It makes me feel ill, and I’d almost always rather go hungry.

The garbage I ate at RIT was out of necessity.


That’s crazy to me. Food is one of the sublime aspects of being alive. I treasure good food.


Do you treasure good water? No bubbles or flavor or nothing, just nice New York tap water? And not in some existential way, in the same manner as you would a pizza.


Yes. I really hate traveling to places with poor tapwater.


Tell me of it’s complexities. If you would.

I drink Macallan 12 because I enjoy it’s notes of cherry (from it’s cherry-sherry cascets) and vanilla (from the oak they’re made of) I appreciate it’s more muted flavor and it’s lack of peat.

Can you do that but for New York tap water?

I certainly cant. If you can’t then you now know how I feel cooking pasta aglio e oglio for myself on tuesday.


True, these meats weren’t sketchy, but there are places where they may be sketchy…

I’m recalling when I visited India and the India Ministry of Tourism warned against eating meats from most roadside stalls as they are often sketchy, especially if you haven’t developed resistance to the various local gastrointestinal illnesses.


Rym eats like a Buddhist monk.


If you are going to take the piss talking about aglio e oglio you are undercutting your argument. A true person who doesn’t give a fuck about nuances in the flavors would just have spaghetti and ketchup.


I have eaten ketchup and macaroni on too many an occasions in the distant past.


This and your “McDonald’s Egg” are the two things about you I will never understand.

Even at my lowest point, I never considered eating ketchup noodles.


To be fair, you can get a real egg if you ask for it at McDonalds.

Speaking of the intersection of alcohol and bad food, but McDonalds breakfast sandwich is the best hangover food known to man.


Rym is the one who likes McDonald’s egg. I refuse to eat there. This is good info, though, if there is some sort of emergency and I have to either eat there or starve.


I cook delicious things for myself not because I want to enjoy them (at least most of the time) but because I wanna flex my cooking muscles. I wanna develop that skill.


McDonald’s is always a last resort for me. Incidentally, there is a 24 hour McDonald’s a block away from the hospital I got taken to last week. After 14+ hours of no food and my body completely empty of anything else, you know I pulled the last resort card.


Literally me on Sunday.


No dude, anything from Waffle House tops a McDonalds breakfast by a mile. Not to mention friendly service and a classic, cheerfully grungy diner environment. It’s also the best drunk-at-2am joint you could ever want. After moving north I miss Waffle House more than my family. It’s basically a religious institution.