Fail of Your Day


So I just had my very first trip to the ER this week. I was in LA for an interview with a very well known game company on Wednesday, was scheduled to fly back to Seattle that evening. After eating breakfast I noticed that I felt really full, which seemed surprising since it wasn’t that much food, but whatever, I would just go easy at lunch time. Lunch comes around and the feeling is still there, so I go light hoping that it will resolve itself by the time I have dinner. But no, the feeling is still there hours later after the interviews are done and I’m on my way to LAX. I also start getting nauseous on the ride over and at this point I’m thinking I probably ate something bad.

While at the airport, the slight nausea becomes extreme nausea and the thought of food doubles me over, but never more than that. I also start developing a fever and cold sweats while drinking as much water as I can. Eventually it gets to the point where I realize I’m not going to be in shape to fly, so I start heading towards the gate counter. I didn’t make it though as my legs collapse beneath me and all my limbs go numb and start seizing up. I end up on the floor for the next hour as my body goes through multiple waves of going numb, overheating, shivering, and generally having a terrible time. At one point I take an anti-nausea pill one of the airport medics gave me and that finally forces my stomach to vomit up its contents into a trash can, giving some relief to my stomach but the other symptoms remained. Eventually I ended up in the ER where they basically confirm that it was just food poisoning, the fever and seizing were related and not a sign of something worse.

By the time I got out of the ER, there wasn’t enough time to really sleep it off before my rescheduled flight, so I went right back to LAX and tried to nap as best I could. After finally get home around noon yesterday, I spent the rest of the day sleeping and trying to eat what I could. This was by far the worse poisoning I’ve ever gotten.

And to top it off I didn’t even get the job.

TL;DR - Got food poisoning, collapsed and threw up in the middle of a busy LAX terminal, went to ER, whole trip ended up being a wash.




Well, I’m moving on Wednesday and everything is looking pretty good, except that my ISP told me today that they can’t offer the cable service I wanted at the location. So now I have to go back to DSL, for which of course the public telephone company has to open the line first. In all the entire process could take two-to-three weeks until I have internet at my place :frowning:


I got food poisoning on the ski bus back to New York once. It kicked in just as the multi-hour ride started.

I basically locked myself in the bathroom at the back alternating between two forms of discharge for the entire ride. It was in the top 10 most miserable moments of my life.


Another good reason to never ski.


Or to never ever eat cheap pizza.

That food poisoning hurt more than all my ski injuries ever combined.


“I got food poisoning at the netrunner tournament…”

Another good reason to never play netrunner. Checkmate atheists. :smirk:


Netrunner tournaments rarely have food.

Except that one time they were grilling it up out behind the game store. A++


Behind the store? Sounds like a health code violation to me. Why would you risk your life like this?!?


Delicious meats for free. Only a vegetarian or vegan could resist.


Delicious skiing for free. Only a coward or a coward could resist.


“Free” is carrying a lot of weight in that sentence.


As long as we’re piling on. Does Scott think that vegetarians and vegans have some kinda super powers?
I don’t see why the desire to eat the tasty cow flesh is any different than anyone else’s.


My mouth doesn’t water when there’s an open bar, so I can’t imagine why a vegetarian would get excited about a free steak.


I dunno… if the meats are kinda sketchy, I can resist, and I’m no vegetarian…


These meats were not sketchy. They were identical to meats from any other backyard grill. They just happened to be in the backyard of a game store instead of the backyard of a house.


Does anyone’s mouth water at an open bar? I’m gonna guess even the most alcoholic of people wouldn’t claim to ‘like’ alcohol in the same manner as I like pizza.

Don’t get me wrong, I drink. I’ll have a beer and I’ve been experimenting with different scotches and whiskeys (firestone and robertson whiskey, trust me) but still it’s very different from grilled meats.


I… don’t think most people who drink react that way?

Edit: Also open bars are often, though not always, more like the cheap buffet or catering or whatever.


I like alcohol. I specifically like and enjoy the taste of good beer or good whiskey in the same way that I would enjoy a pizza.


This is something I find odd about you. I enjoy it, but in a VERY different way than I enjoy a pizza. I enjoy puzzling out the little nuances in the flavor and I enjoy the way it makes me feel.

Pizza I just uncomplicated enjoy. No puzzling out flavor just pure satisfaction and satiating of my hunger (another thing booze doesn’t do)