Fail of Your Day



Fans are so stupid.


The more they talk the less I believe they can actually cut themselves off from Star Wars.


I didn’t think I could roll my eyes any harder at capital ‘F’ Fandoms but here we are.


Much to the regret of everybody else.


This is a parody, right?

Please tell me this is a parody.

Because if it’s real, I’m not sure my eyes can handle the required degree of roll.


My Ent exams came back and there’s a chance that I might have a tumor in my ear, small and non-cancerous --But as a musician this is literally my worst fear. I am inclined to not tell anyone I know personally until it’s confirmed, as I don’t want to worry people with what might end up being nothing. But still, it’s eating me up.


That’s real rough man, I’m pullin’ for ya.


Best wishes it’s either not that, or easily removed if necessary. Worst case, be an awesome musician that’s deaf in one ear. :metal:


Best wishes that whatever it is, it can be properly treated without causing any future harm.



So I’m personally glad the ITAR argument was defeated for these types of files, even tho I can see under ITAR that basically any firearm, including design documentation, seems like it would be subject if exported outside the US. But, the argument of whether a 3D model of a gun in and of itself really constitutes design documentation in the same way that a full set of blueprints does, maybe opens some wiggle room. In effect it’s the same of course but, according to the law I don’t know if that counts. I’m not sure where to draw the line with this stuff since I do a lot of work that skirts the whole subject by doing airsoft and paintball mods, but, I think that ITAR shouldn’t be the way control of 3D printable gun models is handled, if any such control is to be implemented.

As it is, anyone in the world can upload their own 3D models and once it’s up there the ITAR angle fails. It’s certainly likely that even if we try and stomp out people modeling such stuff in the US, that someone with a computer and CAD in other nations will either figure it out. The design concepts here are not the born secret keys to nuclear fission, it’s basic basic stuff. Books in the public library taught me the secrets at an early age.

As for DD and their “library” and all that, well, I don’t truck with that so much anymore. I certainly can share some agreement with how the data, even for firearms, should be available and free to develop and share. But his delusions of going down fighting and other antics puts me off their whole organization.


I spent the majority of the weekend in the dark playground and I feel guilty.


The Dark Playground is a place every procrastinator knows well. It’s a place where leisure activities happen at times when leisure activities are not supposed to be happening.

I never heard of the dark playground before, but I don’t think it’s possible to go there on the weekend. The weekend is when leisure activities are supposed to be happening.


Oh it’s very possible to go there on the weekend. I have lots I need to accomplish that’s outside of my regular work activities. Like cleaning the kitchen (didn’t get done), exercising (nope), and working on the democratic committee website so we can get democrats elected (hahaha no). Now I’m not saying I should have spent the whole weekend on chores, but I didn’t spend nearly enough time on them. The ratio was…poor. I was also engaging in leisure before accomplishing anything at all, hence the dark playground.


Now that I can work from home whenever, I do all that stuff during the week. My weekends are now 100% leisure.


Sitting in the waiting room for my MRI and I’m besides myself. Anxiety is not fun. :expressionless:


I just had a conversation with my sister for over 10 minutes explaining to her how to Google for internet TV. She is younger than me by 2 years.


When my brother(who is 7 years younger than me) went to college, I gave him a Sony Google TV box because at the time it was the best set top box streaming option. It had a pass through for a cable box so that could be integrated in. His friend told me that when my brother first hooked it up, he put the HDMI cable going to the TV into the cable box pass through. He’s smarter about tech than my parents, but he’s not even on my level of technical knowledge. Everyone has their specialties.


I got my last paycheck from my old job today. It was for $4. They charged me for the couple of days of vacation I had taken but not “earned” then with taxes and the last deductions for insurance all that was left was $4. And since I was fired, the Employment Commission has to hold a hearing about whether or not I should be given unemployment and I won’t get paid until after the hearing next Wednesday. Fucking hell.