Fail of Your Day


I had a calming waterfall but it just made me need the loo.


Mine just played the sounds of screaming.



I’d want a podcast. People short-form talking about stuff I’m interested in is my active listening and my background noise.


I woke up to a puddle covering about 1/3 of my kitchen, Turns out there was a tiny crack in a shutoff valve under the sink that had been leaking for at least several hours.

No major damage thankfully. Every time I have to deal with plumbing I’m amazed at how poorly standardized everything is.


When I was still working for Lowe’s I DREADED having to cover the plumbing department. Poorly standardized? How about not standardized at all. Seriously, nothing ever matches and especially older buildings are FULL of patched together repairs on various kinds of copper, plastic, and PVC pipe.


The last person to make a repair in that old house was too lazy to tear it all out, and so are you. And thus, it will be even worse for the next person for as long as the house shall stand.


Not me, I fix things correctly when I discover the problem or hire someone who will if I can’t.


Go for it!

Also, good luck.


Things I hate: When a video in a YouTube playlist you made gets deleted, and you have no idea what that video was anymore.


It appears that Universal Fan Con just told people it wasn’t going to happen next week. Offering no refunds, and telling buyers they will have a ticket to the next one.

Update: pop up con will take it’s place on that weekend, shit

Tweet from @BHMatter:

We’ve secured a massive space for an all day PopUpCon - Saturday 4/28! Location is the Wicomico Building - about a mile from the ConventionCenter. We’ve dubbed it #WICOMICON & are opening our doors to any vendors negatively affected by the FanCon fiasco. It’s on! Spread the word!


Just before my lay off date my mouth decides to squeeze out some wisdom teeth. Fucking unreal. The pain of my jaw is only second to the amount of anxiety I have over being caught without insurance. OTL Fortunately I have a dentist appointment on Thurs, but it’s still cutting it way too close.


So, The Intercept published a story recently about a member of the DCCC, and how the voicemail recording they had secretly obtained proves something about both that member of the DCCC and the DCCC itself, the whole organization is clueless and corrupt.

And here’s the except you saw coming because of what thread this is in - Turns out their absolutely key(and frankly, only) piece of evidence was almost certainly entirely fake, and they were so keen to just attack the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (and I’ve give you 2016 guesses why), that they never actually bothered to verify the voicemail, and are now desperately trying to salvage the story.

More detail.


And the curse gets worse, as Intercept refuses to back down from what has now been pretty clearly proven to be a fake story. The Humiliation conga continues.


So, apparently a bunch of adults on twitter have been harassing a 16 year old girl for weeks because she wore a cheongsam to her prom. While, yeah, that’s culturally appropriative (although the history of the cheongsam is more nuanced, and many people consider it a fusion of western and Chinese styles), at worst this is a dumb teenager mistake and it looks really gross when all these adults keep patting themselves on the back for giving her what for.


I just found out that they’re going to be closing the metro station I use, to get to and from work everyday, for three months next summer for repairs, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I’ll need to find an alternative way to get to work, either by bus, or drive to a closer metro stop and take the train from there.

This is going to be a total pain in the ass.


While pain in the ass, how about riding a bike, either to the station or entirely to work?


During the hottest and most humid time of the year, in a suit?


Wait to put the suit on until you get there.


I’d still be all hot and sweaty from riding a bike to work. I’d smell terribly.


:frowning: More companies should have showers available for bike commuters.