Fail of Your Day


I’m reminded of when I used to do laptop repair and had someone pick up their PC after I repaired the charging port. They paid, shoved the laptop in an unzipped bag and on their way out the door it fell out of the bag, breaking the screen.


I got charge $400 more on my heating bill when service was not given, due to this I had to spend $700 over the weekend. When I attempted to call them and say WTF my phone’s screen died rendering it useless. Spending $200 to hope that a replacement screen will fix this issue.


A fox got into our garden and killed our two chickens. It’s upset me but my wife was telling me it’s just normal and we have to get used to losing chickens if we are going to have them. I need to keep in mind that they’re not really pets. We’d had them a full year from being chicks.


Had some bad news tried to get a beer. Brought 0%. That about sums up my day.

Edit; Also Sean Penn’s book. Fuck can today just bugger off already. Woke up bummed because the transcendent bodies of pure energy that were my friends and family could no longer communicate with me, due to my organic mind, shitty family news, crap beer and now this. Fuck. Still TGIF right guys…


When you remember sunlight is the best disinfectant.


This is the first sexual misconduct report that actually surprised me, excluding an obscure Disney World entertainer.


Turns out the reason why our domain and file shares have been all screwy for the last month is the firewall. And it’s not even like “oh, we were blocking SMB, herp de der!” It’s just dropping connections for a currently inexplicable reason.


It gets better, reached out to support and apparently it’s a known issue. They have a work around that fixed it, but no before they berated me for applying a software update too quickly.


My wife works for the Yorktown-Jamestown Historical Foundation as a supervisor in their gift shop. Today some lady came in and started freaking out and screaming at one of the other employees, and when my wife went to see what the fuss was about the lady turned on her and started screaming about how the foundation were leftist commies for having a section of the museum dedicated to colonial slavery and how “slavery was a liberal lie put out by the commie leftist government until Trump came to fix things, and that they are ignoring white oppression which is the REAL oppression and how dare they even mention slavery around children.” She did this in front of a group of elementary school kids on a field trip and had to be escorted out by two security guards.


I feel genuinely fatter after Easter weekend with my family.


PAX plague. :face_with_thermometer::nauseated_face:

/15 characters that are down with the sickness


gruntal rthymic chants


That feeling in your stomach when you’re interviewing for a new position and you know you completely botched one of the questions they asked you, and you can only hope that your other answers make up for it…


Don’t worry, mate. With interviews, they know you’re nervous. It’s always more about how you answer, than what you answer, I’m sure you’ll be fine.



There’s a big tournament in Tokyo next month where I could test for rank in the martial art I do (and get to borrow a $10,000 sword for a few days), but the flights are $1200. Plus, if I don’t pass the test, I don’t think I would be allowed to test again when the judges come to visit the US in August.


I think you’re right about not being able to do the test this summer. At least for kendo, if you fail the test, you have to wait a year to retake it.


There was a shooting murder across the street from my middle school yesterday morning before anyone arrived. Someone was shot in their back yard.

Good times.


I’m freaking tired and I don’t know why. :sleeping:


Once in an MRI, they let me pick a radio station to play through my headphones. It’s never happened again. Why is it not the norm? It is so dull.