Fail of Your Day


Watching an anime community discuss whether it’s ok to use the term “traps” is a fucking nightmare.

Traps also predate trans in the mainstream as well

I mean go try to find articles about trans when baka to test was out. You probably have to dig really far, if they even exist.

Traps predate your trannies within internet culture well before they gained attention among the generation populace. That’s what I mean. Traps have a definition and do not deal with identify.

All with positive score on reddit’s second biggest anime sub.

Note: Baka to Test came out in 2010 (manga in 2009)


Got laid off in the company restructuring.

But that’s not my fail of the day.

My fail was the completely paralyzing anxiety attack I had just now. My mind became a blur of thoughts that I was having a heart attack and I could think of nothing else and I went to a clinic and everything and paid money I don’t have to get the news that nothing but anxiety is wrong with me. Man I fucking hate my brain sometimes


I feel you, I went to the ER three times over a few months then was referred to a cardiologist, who told me there was nothing physically wrong with me. At no point during the first three visits did I think I was even particularly anxious, much less enough to have debilitating physiological effects. It just sneaks up on you.


I’m sorry to hear that. Hope you are doing alright now and will find a new job soon.


Let me lob up a bit of a softball here, but I think it’s worth consideration. Youtube is apparently banning some gun stuff, and I can sort of see that. The content I don’t want to see banned is stuff like Taofledermaus, which is firearm enthusiasts doing some odd things, but it’s controlled and pretty fun. They have not been targeted yet, and I hope it stays that way. Who doesn’t want to know what a shotgun shell full of gummy bears does?


What kind of stuff are they banning? And is it a hard ban or demonetization?


I don’t do cosplay, but I thoroughly recognize the time, craft and cost of material that goes into the costumes.

Here’s someone who either doesn’t comprehend this or is trying to bully a cosplay maker (read the whole thread).

What the fuck is wrong with these people?


I cut the side of my finger on the back of a knife. I didn’t think that was possible.


The only times I’ve ever done that, it turned out I was holding the knife the wrong way round. I still have a scar that runs from my little finger to my middle finger via my ring finger, all from the same “whoops” slice.


I use scalpels all day at work, I seem to only ever cut myself with the edges of cardboard. Frequently.

One time I pressed tip of my finger firmly on the sharp edge of the scalpel blade without realising, and some how I didn’t break flesh.



In your defense, the edges of that back side ARE sharp!


Well had another MRI looks like I have got post concussion syndrome. The good news being it seems pretty mild and so long as I don’t get another one then I’ll be ok. Have to go back in 6 months to see if there has been a change. But at least I don’t have a brain tumour which is nice.

Also House lied to me. MRI’s are super loud and really boring.


That they fucking are.


Sadly it’s not just with cosplayers. It seem like any artistic endeavor, people think doing things “for exposure” is good enough, even if you’re a nobody trying to get someone to work for you for free.


You have any idea what caused the concussion?


The latest one was falling off a snowboard. Came over a bump the wrong way, whipped my head to the left and then landed on that (or so I was told by Gimli I was out cold at that point). Before that, rugby, falling off horses, skateboarding, getting hit with a mace things like that.



For all the ridiculous ski accidents I’ve had over the years, only once did I ever hit my head. I consider myself very lucky in that regard, considering I never even wore a helmet until about a decade ago.

It wasn’t a concussion per se, but it was close. I was dazed and saw stars for a few seconds. I had a headache the next day, but most of the injury was neck and shoulders, which slowly went away over a couple weeks.

Regardless of any concussion, I took it easy for a month on account of my neck/shoulders anyway, and never seemed worse for the wear.


Just had a someone drop a very expensive new laptop right after I gave it to them, completely breaking it. This is why I’m not mad that I’m getting laid off. e___e


Not your fault, not your problem.