Fail of Your Day


Google Play-all-the-Music. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just discovered that PFSense has deprecated the i386 platform. This means that after over 10 years of continuous use, my Dell laptop has finally reached the end of its useful service life.


I have a use for old laptops. I put artemis bridge simulator on them and stick them in a backpack. When 5 friends come over I occasionally bust out the backpack and we all pilot a starship


That’s a great idea, but I think it’s too old for even that.


So the storm literally ripped the FIOS line coming into my house down. As a result, and after talking on the phone with FIOS, I’ll have no internet at home until March 19th.


I just do not want to be here today. Why won’t work end?


I also lost home Internet in the storm. Power and such is fine but making civ moves is gonna be tough for a while


So as I said earlier, Verizon set up an appointment for the 19th to come out to my house to fix my broken FIOS line.

However, they came out to my house this morning, while I was at work and without telling me, to fix the line. But because I wasn’t home, they canceled the appointment and closed out the ticket.

After about an hour on the phone with them and dealing with their insane menu system (“Have you tried rebooting your ONT?” “You idiot wanna-be AI, I’m calling because the fiber line was literally ripped from my house! There is nothing to troubleshoot!”), I managed to get it rebooked for Wednesday the 14th.

However, with a nasty storm coming in overnight tonight, I may need to burn a vacation day because I won’t be able to work from home during the storm.


That’s rough man, I’m sorry.

My story is much happier, Lost internet for like… 36 hours. Tree hit a line up the road. Only internet went out, power was fine. Our router’s ip changed, which is a non issue for me but created issues for some people who use it to connect to stuff I host here. Hoping I don’t have the same problem for tomorrow’s storm.


I don’t deal with computer phone systems or first level support for anything ever. I mash 0 or yell “representative” at the voice recognition software until I get a human being and immediately after giving them my identification info I ask to be elevated. My support outcomes for everything from internet issues to banking has dramatically improved since I started doing this.


Yeah, I basically did this after getting past the first two questions (and one of them was if I wanted the call to be in Spanish). After being on hold for who knows how long, I did get through to a helpful person.


Not a personal fail but more something to point out the further failings of capitalism. One if the stores I service set up what is basically an in store food pantry for employees in the break room. I’m not against mutual support among employees but it just makes me think that maybe if Lowe’s paid people a living wage this would be unnecessary and people not going hungry in the first place?



Being the top player on your team for x Rocket League games consecutively, losing all, taken from gold 3 to silver 0.




Two weeks of splitting headaches. Looks like I’ll need to go back to the doctors. Was told by an eight year old that I looked tired. Never a good sign when the kids say I’m looking like shit.


My despair for the future of the legal support profession continues. Contract law is complicated, yes, but if most the class either didn’t read or didn’t understand the case we were assigned to read and were grossly errant in their interpretation and opinion I don’t know what can be done.


So Spring is basically cancelled for the UK.


We had spring? News to me.


Spring is delayed a week in the North east of the US as well.