Fail of Your Day


So when I was younger I got sick a lot. My mom insisted I was making it up, despite the fact that after taking me to specialists they told her my adenoids were a problem. She of course ignored all of their cumulative professional wisdom and made sure I felt shitty whenever I got sick.

Turns out my adenoids have been trying to kill me all these years. After I finish this month-long course of antibiotics I need surgery to get them out.

Bonus: My doctor was horrified and awestruck when he saw these scans. He has no idea how I’m able to breathe at all.


Which bit is the adenoids? Is it the bulge to the left of the cursor?


I should’ve labeled it. Here’s a better pic. Left is me now with my hypertrophic adenoids circled in red and right is what it should look like.


hot damn


Holy fucking shit.


Got linked on r/subreddit drama. Was being a bit of a drunken tit, but everyone else wasn’t golden either. Still not fun to wake up to. And a reminder that reddit is a shit hole.


You want to cop to a link?


Haha nope because I don’t want you guys to see me being a tit.


Apparently my insurance covers contacts, regular glasses, and sunglasses, but not prescription safety glasses. You know, the glasses that are explicitly to protect your eyes. I wasn’t told this until a week after I ordered them and had paid for the lens options I knew weren’t covered.


Do you have a flex spending account? If so, you can probably purchase things like this with money from that account. You still have to pay for it, but at least those dollars are not taxed, so you save quite a bit.


I actually did until this year, changes in insurance made it impractical. I’ll probably just use my glasses credit to get some contacts for the 3 times a year I wish I had some.



Restarted a prod system thinking I was in a fail over system. Maaaaaaaaaay have lost my job. Depends on how the meeting right now goes.


If someone is going to let you go over an honest mistake, then that is not a place you want to work anyway.

Also, the fact that it was possible to do this is an organizational/process failure, not your failure. See the story we talked about awhile ago where the intern ruined the database or whatev. Same deal.


This is definitely a process failure this much has been known I’ve been saying as much. This should have been automated weeks ago.

Issue here is basically we sold a thing that wasn’t ready for enterprise yet (for lots of money) and now it’s in production and a bit flaky. Every time it fails there are problems for people. Eventually lawyers got involved and said if it fails again, liability falls to us.

I just made it fail (maybe, it’s possible nobody noticed) I did immediately out myself, of course.


Still have a job.Things are pretty much fine.


Amazon Music I shutting down , I need to transfer so many ustom mprs (with manual tags) to another location, suggestions?


Where is the news about this? The news I see is that they are expanding it to India. Sounds like the opposite of shutting down.


Email I just got stating that as of now.

Please be advised Amazon is retiring Amazon Music storage and is no longer offering new subscriptions. If you do not renew your current subscription, you will no longer be able to upload music or subscribe again. These storage changes only affect music you’ve imported.


Ah, so they are keeping the prime streaming part, thus becoming a Spotify competitor.

You want Google Play Music. Comes with YouTube Red!