Fail of Your Day



I picked up a new board today, so I’ll take a photo when I pull it out. Surprised the hell out of me, too - especially considering that the board is MEANT to have the pins on there for it(well, not JUST for it, but it’s four pins of a seven pin connector they tell you to use), this one just…doesn’t. Manufacturer error maybe?

Still, in looking up the board, I discovered that these boards became notorious for this type of failure - a few months after I bought it. First posts about it started commonly appearing online in early 2016, I bought it in mid 2015.


Oh, it got worse.


To quote @cremlian, "Why can’t a politician just say “The Russians really didn’t like Clinton so they backed any campaign that was against her, so of course they helped my campaign indirectly from the looks of it. That’s wrong and we should work to stop it.”


Well, I’d suspect that it would mean admitting, after a lot of people(And let’s face it, who were almost entirely either his supporters, or Republicans) claiming that the primaries were rigged, that someone really did have their thumb on the scales…In his favor. And he still lost by a landslide.

Which would in turn be pretty much a tacit admission that he didn’t have much of a chance in the primary or the general(had he won the primary) because he couldn’t even win with someone’s thumb on the scales, and a tacit admission that if he had won the primaries, it would have at least partially been because someone had their thumb on the scales. Plus, it wouldn’t say good things about his chances in the upcoming 2020 primaries, which pretty much everyone thinks he’s going to go for.

I mean, sure, you still have plenty of folk who will dismiss it, or say it wouldn’t matter, or that it doesn’t matter that russia had their thumb on the scales in his favor because the DNC had a bigger thumb on, but you can’t rely on a small percentage of Bernie die-hards to carry you through the primary and to the presidency.


Good point. I guess that given the seriousness of the matter, he’d be willing to put country ahead of his own personal ambitions.


Ego can do funny things to a person, and even among his best mates on the hill, you’ll rarely hear him described as humble. And that’s among politicians, a trade where having a fair bit of an ego is somewhat of a requirement for the position. And honestly, I can think of a few pretty reasonable ways you could reconcile it within yourself, so that doing what he’s doing is better, and does more to care for the country, than taking the other path, which has more benefit in the short term.


We wasted several days of machine time at work because some guy had daily backups of his entire email account adding up to well over 1tb of pst files. We don’t even care about that account.


How could one person have 1TB of emails?


By literally making a copy of their PST every day. The software we use would eventually parse them all and dedupe it, but after 5 days of processing we killed it to see what the problem was. A normal desktop usually takes 4-24 hours to process so we usually just run them overnight and don’t pre-filter things.


That’s a pretty ridiculous architecture to begin with. Upload the entire backup and THEN dedupe it. It should be simply uploading a diff of all changes since the last backup. The end.


My laptop backs itself up every 20 minutes. If the backup software is doing a shitty job, that is so not my problem.


I have to say I am so impressed with this Synology NAS out of the box. If I had a company I would buy a very large/enterprise model from them without hesitation, and I would fully invest in its ecosystem as far as backups were concerned.



Everything just worked. I remember the BS I had to do to set up multiple users and permissions on my old Netgear Duo whatever. This thing has a real user/permission model and it just works.


5 days of dedupe processing for 1TB of data? Seems ridiculously slow to me.


From my reading it was five days of processing because they were sending 1TB/day over a wire to a server where it entered a queue to be diffed.


It’s forensic processing, it’s slow. Somewhere north of 10 million items in the database before I killed it. A typical desktop would be more like 3-6 mil and a lot of that won’t have meta data that needs parsing.


Still seems pretty slow to me, but I work on data deduplication, so maybe my point of view is a bit biased. It may also depend on how slow the link is to said server, and I admit I didn’t think of that.

Hmm, by “forensic processing,” do you mean actually reading the data and making some sort of sense out of it other than simply looking for similar looking byte streams for dedup? If so, then yeah, I guess I can see how that may be slow compared to what I work on.


Yeah, it’s a program called FTK which is basically the industry standard. It parses through everything, breaks out metadata, indexes text, generates hashes, etc. It is largely a disc IO bottleneck but I can’t exactly justify buying a 2TB NVME drive yet. As is I use an NVME drive for everything but the disc image and standard drives or SSDs for those depending on size.


Gotcha. Yeah, this does look more intense than just hashing similar looking byte streams of data, which is the kind of dedup I work on.