Fail of Your Day


Well good news I didn’t die in my sleep! Better news is that I haven’t re-fractured my neck again and seem to have dodged the worse of the haemorrhaging. Bad news is that the muscles in my neck are fucked and I look to have headaches for about a week or two.

The extra fail is that I had quite a few concussions when I was younger skating and playing rugby. Now times have changed a bit and now starting to get worried about their growing accumulation.

Edit; Also re-dislocated my shoulder again. So looks like I’ll have to get that surgery a bit sooner than I thought.


You do reconstructed combat too, right? I assume live steel and not cudgels like I do?

I’m kind of in the same boat, what with all the recent research about CTE and impact to the head. It’s not just concussions that I need to worry about - it’s all the sub-concussive force and general head impact that may contribute to deterioration.

I’m working towards brain imaging soon, because I figure I might as well find out. And then the great debate: do I continue with this knowing where it leads, or do I find some other physically-engaging hobby that will be less engaging?

So yeah, I get this worry.


I’ve been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a few years now. Physically engaging, no head impacts. Or really any impacts. At all. All submissions, great way to get some endorphins going.


Also been doing BJJ for a few years here. Part of the reason was that I wanted something relatively low-impact due to being on blood thinners.

Admittedly, I took a fall badly in one class and ended up separating my shoulder, but I was right back into it once it was healed and rehabbed.


I did Judo while I was at RIT. Concussions are aren’t that common unless you’re being stupid, but limbs get fucked up from time to time (usually also because someone was being stupid).


If one needs a competitive combative sort of force on force sport, with minimal blunt force trauma, modern paintball might be up someone’s alley.

It isnt as “call of duty” as airsoft and the playstyle is more physical by and large.

I play a variety that uses low cap magazines vs hoppers, and most players have rifled, finned rounds much much more accurate than traditional paintballs. So its a lot less about bullet hosing or arena play you might have seen in the “speedball” format popular in the 00’s

Anyone in the NY, NJ, CT, MASS, PA area who wants to check it out, I’m on a small, well known local magfed team and we go to and host events and meetups all around the area, so we can get you into the swing with minimal pressure.


The doctor gave me an inhaler and prednisone for my breathing that was wrecked by the flu.

I took it around 11 am.

I am still awake with a heart that is pounding just a hair faster and harder than normal.

I’m sure it will wear off, but I’m thinking half dose tomorrow.





Sigh… :frowning:


Well if you want a noggin to scan mines available. It is a growing worry, its interesting talking to a my friends who played a lot of contact sports and the injuries that are cropping up now. I mean we are in our mid-twenties and are already getting some fairly serious injuries.


Oh I’m playing with the old toy guns over here as well. But again I’ve taken some knocks, though thankfully not to the head. I’m trying to find the balance with the body where I can keep being active without going too far. Have found it to be a bit safer but then again I dislocated my shoulder running into a bus, so maybe its me.


Yeah, we’re starting to see more and more symptoms emerge. Just learned that a friend who moved to Texas a couple of years back is starting to show aphasia and memory loss. He’s 43 and has something like 6 lesions on his brain.

Things like that give me pause.


Yeah, I gotta admit, I’m kinda worried. My memory has always been a little either-way at the best of times, and I spent a lot of time getting my head knocked on like brothel door with a broken bell when I was younger.


Oh man my short term memory has been fucked since I was about 10. Fell off a horse, fractured my neck and coma. Been buggered since then. They don’t tell you that these things stack up when your young.

But you think this is bad. One of my students has already run her body down so badly playing kendo that she has had to retire at the grand old age of 15.


I’ve heard stories of old guys who did Judo their whole life who basically turned into Cotton Hill after a million knee injuries.


Not entirely, but pretty sure my mobo is dead, for no discernible reason. Refuses to POST, and won’t display any sort of bios. Threw different ram at it, no change, so it’s not a ram issue. Not a Graphics card issue, because it still happens on the spare card. pretty sure not a power supply issue, because I’m showing correct voltages on my meter, and it’s below rated output regardless. And of course, no telltales, no post code display, no pc speaker for beeps.

So, looks like this will be an expensive saturday, unless y’all have any other ideas as to what it might be?

On the plus side, at least it’s not my graphics card, can’t afford to replace that AT ALL right now.


I recently went on the old Amazon and bought this for exactly this reason.


Oh no, let me clarify - I own one. The JFP2 pins that MSI instructs you to use for the PC speaker literally aren’t soldered on to the board, it’s just blank traces - there is nowhere to connect it.

I’m just baffled, there’s no discernable reason for it - my surge protectors haven’t tripped, nothing has changed, I shut it down last night, and now it won’t start back up, or even visibly POST.


I have never seen that. Back in the day pc speakers had 4 pins. Later on it was reduced to two. I’ve never seen a board with zero pins.