Fail of Your Day


Are you referring to the fact that we have multiple timezones at all, or the silly places that switch time zones instead of observing Daylight Savings Time?


What’s wrong with our time zones? The continental US is 3000 miles wide it would be ridiculous to have one time zone. Daylight savings time is stupid though.


I think he’s referring to the fact that many of our timezones pass right through states instead of honoring state lines.


I would suspect it’s partially based on mountain range separation.


Work laptop SSD coughed today. I don’t want to get a new work laptop for a few months, but it’ll probably be sooner. Did finally motivate me to get my backup house in order.


Adam is sick, poor guy. He is quarantined in the guest suite on the other side of the house, and I get 24/7 baby duty without break. Just finding time to eat and shower has been difficult without being able to hand the baby off to him. This is exacerbated by the baby making a cognitive developmental leap and, as many babies do in advance of such a leap, he wants to suckle and be held for multi-hour stretches. The silver lining is that watching the baby notice more, engage more, and start to explore his little world is fascinating.


Mildly messed up the VM datastore at work. No data is lost, but fixing it is tedious.



One of my new meds is making me throw up a lot. Probably the androgen blocker because the estrogen isn’t orally delivered (it’s dissolved under the tongue) making it less likely to induce vomiting than something actually going to the stomach.


Guess who’s got a concussion! Now for the gamble to see if I’m going to wake up tomorrow.


The family dog died this morning. She was very old and sick so we saw it coming, but still…



It sounds like they should move to a “created by” model if they are going to continue to scout stories from what are basically fanfic level writing sites. Either that or they need to be much much choosier about what they publish. I can say though that by titles alone you can tell that a lot of the light novel publishing output in Japan is complete drek.


Yep. Even the wish fulfillment and protagonists being blank slates for someone’s personal projection…

It’s also how we ended up with 50 shades, so it’s not just Japan.

I had a league of legends friend who was an editor for some kind of publisher that basically published smut. Apparently it was often badly written and very weird, but it was profitable. Horror stories about one of the series obsessions with making things crusty and focusing on certain smells.


It just dawned on me that the reason for the blank slate self insert isn’t just an editorial decision to appeal to people who want to self insert, the author is doing it for themselves. I never thought about it that way.

You can apparently make a tidy sum just writing smutty short fiction and self publishing on Kindle regardless of writing skill. As long as you hit people’s preferred buttons they will buy. Of course you can do better if your writing is above-par and you have regular output. I’ve honestly considered trying it for funsies and see how it goes.


I just always assumed self-insert always was about the author’s personal fulfillment via writing.

Also I’m pretty curious about the potential to just have fun writing shitty erotic-fiction for hard cash, seems the bar is not very high.


Writing a YA novel is a rather easy way to get a movie contract. Big-name studios would be knocking on your door real quick.


Is there a dry-spell for YA novels? I’d think we’re flooded with it, but if not I gotta start thinking about how to put more tweens into my fictional worlds.


There’s never a dry spell. It won’t stop the studios from licensing everything possible, though. They’re always hungry for more.


That’s rough. Let us know if you do wake up I suppose.