Fail of Your Day


Unsure, I’ve been a little busy, but I’ve not really seen much more making fun of him past the original bit, so he very well might have. I don’t really follow him anywhere else, I just subscribe to the general channel. I do know that he delisted his overly defensive livestreams, so they don’t show up on the channel page anymore, but I don’t know if they’ve been taken all-the-way down.


In the continuing saga of people fucking things up in a hilariously stupid fashion, Julian Assange offered secret information to Sean Hannity after his twitter suspension, about a Dem senator, Mark Warner, trying to head off negative headlines about Trump.

Except, he didn’t. He unknowingly offered it to a random woman in Texas who made a Hannity parody account, accidentally showing the world he’s laundering info through right-wing media.


My grandfather died today. I’ll post his obit when it’s published.


I’m sorry for your loss, Liz.


I’m sorry for your loss, it seems your grandfather was a great man. He will be missed.


So sorry to hear about that. :frowning:


His NYT Obit is out. A lot on the Chicago Seven trial I didn’t know about, although I was well aware of the Christmas Card from them he had hanging above the door into the library. I’d like to add to an undocumented but nevertheless true contribution Nick made to one of their pranks, which was that he gave Abby Hoffman the DNC '68 press pass necessary to get Pigasus the Immortal within the perimeter of the Convention. The press pass made it back to Nick and was kept until it was passed to me in the spring of 2012.


I’m very sorry for your loss.


I’ve been filling out a lot of job applications recently, and it’s like a race to the bottom with password practices. First it was the NSA not letting me use more than 3 lowercase letters in a row. Then it was the company that wouldn’t let me use more than 15 characters. But then there was a company that displayed and emailed my plaintext password after I applied, so unless someone else decides to skywrite my password over LA I think they’re the winner.


I’ve had way too many experiences with bad writing lately where people have all these cool bullet points and premises and then they say fuck it to making any of it make sense. See the most recent episode of star trek discovery (the one where it’s basically just an iteration of character a has dialogue with b, then b with c, then a with c, and so on… probably the cheapest episode and the equivalent of a clipshow), what appears to be going on with cloverfield, all the anime and light novels.


You know, by mentioning on here that you applied to the NSA, you may have disqualified yourself from a job at the NSA…


I never actually applied because I was disqualified by something else.


Ah, okay.

I did apply to the NSA about 9 years ago, if I remember correctly. I was told that I couldn’t mention my application on any social media sites or anything like that. For the sake of argument, I’d guess they’d consider a public forum like this close enough to a social media site to count.


A few coworkers and I are secretly wishing for a shutdown for a few days so we can stay home and decompress. Working as mentors and still OT is so exhausting. I am loving what I do, but I’m working more and more during non-work/paid hours to catch up.

I probably need to do more prioritizing of work, but out of all of this so far, I have more of an appreciation for teachers. Creating lessons and training materials. And finding the time for everyone/every thing?!

Also, even if there was a shutdown, good chance we’re considered essential and have to still report for duty.


I was essentially going to type your post almost word for word on my end. Are you me? :open_mouth:

I never wanted to be the person who would work until late after hours. But having my work be something hundreds of students depend on puts a bit more gravitas than just trying to meet an arbitrary deadline. I love what I do but I’m really feeling the strain of it. Might take a day off once I finish my current project.


Passport and visa renewal with in 3 months of each other. So much fun. I love paper work so much.


Blarg. My Brazilian visa expires long after my current passport. I’m still not clear on how to deal with that, and I’ve gotten conflicting answers.

I’ll probably just let it go though. I don’t actually have any plans to head back to Brazil in the next few years.


Due to the shitty nature of my visa I only have a yearly one. I kind of hoped that i could get the visa done then renew the passport. But knowing Japan, and most of the world as this is the first time I’ve had to deal with this, it isn’t the case.

Also extra shitty news, the only way I’ve been able to see my girlfriend for the last 4 is to help out at the mom and pop hotel she works at. Spent most of my Christmas vacation working at a really shitty place only to be paid half as much as the Japanese staff for the same work. Fine what ever the guy is old and grumpy. Found out that the week I’ve accumulated in working for them since I won’t be getting paid for. Which would be fine if I actually got to spend any time with her. Its a shitty situation that thankfully I wont have to put up with much longer but just not what I needed when I got 40,000 yens worth of bills dumped on my lap this week.


Oh you sweet sweet fool, I love you as a senator but give it up. Everyone in your state knows the best pizza is next door in New York. And bro, I’ve been to frank pepe, it’s delicious. But have you ever been to grimaldis, or lombardis? Get that new haven shit outta hea.


I just had a quick look at the timezones in the United States, and jesus fucking christ america, can’t you do one thing like normal people?