Fail of Your Day


I realized when reading this that I’ve never lived in a house with a sprinkler system. I literally only think of them in a lab/school/business setting.


Sprinkler systems are extremely uncommon in single-family homes in the US.


You were talking about lawn sprinklers though.


I’ve always lived in multi family houses, and I think the same about lawn sprinklers unless it’s the kind you hook up to a valve on the outside of your house and let kids run through when it’s hot.


My townhouse has an emergency sprinkler system in the ceiling in case of a fire.


I got woken up in the middle of the night by a friend in Hawaii sending out a mass “I love you guys, but it looks like we’re gonna die” message.

Somebody used the emergency notification system to send out a message reading, “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” Turns out that it was a drill and it took the local government 38 minutes to correct it.


I guess this is not going to be a popular opinion, but people’s reactions in some cases were way too intense for this. What you had was a text message. If it had been true, what exactly were you going to do about it? I can see getting off the highway, finding somewhere to park, heading to an interior room, etc. That’s all fine. But the panic is not helpful. Yet you know if it was a real deal people would get even more crazy. Then one person over-reacts causing another and another and so-on.

Not that I think anything can be done to actually stop that reaction.



No one is prepared, that’s the point. People aren’t mentally prepared to make physical preparations for those types of possibilities. I imagine most people don’t want to live in fear of a missile attack of any kind.

So, there will always be panic.



Whoever made that list of links should be fired.


My grandfather is probably dying. Don’t have much more info than that at this moment.


No work to do because the gov’t shutdown.


How is this a fail? Time for vidja games!


Nooooope, time for stupid training and/or admin work. If the shutdown extends in to next week, then vidja games and car work.


Failed my JLPT, knew I did badly but still had hope. Will have to do it again in the summer.


What level were you trying for?


N5 which is the most depressing part as everyone and their dog seems to pass it in one go. Was the grammar that got me. Listening was ok along with vocab just the grammar.


Not my fail, just a funny fail:

Think, you might have had a rough day. But on the upside, unlike Linus from Linus Tech Tips, your day hasn’t included you feeling the need to live-stream for just over half an hour at 2am, in a long speech that includes the words “I’ve prepared a list of talking points” before showing a two-page document of bullet points, because you mixed up tampons and pads in your video and now you’re super butter because people are making fun of you for it.


Did he end up dropping the subject too?