Fail of Your Day


My bet is that the battery is there to give the mouse more weight. Heavier things feel more premium.


That sucks. I’ve got a job which required clearances and it’s always frustrating waiting for that to go thru the stages, and sorry to hear they turned you down.


I’ve given up on pursuing jobs that require clearances. I figure my public political stances on social media would make me too much of a leak risk.


I’m somewhat curious how a background check / security clearance check would somehow magically turn up any of my online aliases. I get that my identity could be gleaned by some pattern recognition and a few correlated datasets. That’s not usually what I picture when someone is doing a standard or even really thorough background check.


It may depend on how “underground” those aliases are. Social media accounts that don’t try too hard to disguise yourself (such as the ones where I’ve posted said political stances) are probably pretty easy to track down. Heck, when I applied to work at the NSA years ago (pre-Snowden), they warned me not to mention I was applying to them on any social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. It was more of a “if you mention it, we’ll disqualify you” sort of thing than a “if you mention it, you’re going to jail.” That isn’t that surprising since up to that point I hadn’t signed any sort of secrecy agreements or anything else along those lines.


I have no idea what is involved but I imagine that if they don’t have some division of wonks doing stuff like running applicants thru algorithms to ascertain aliases, then they are missing a lot.

Then again, maybe they are missing a lot indeed.


Given that a certain person I know, who shall remain nameless, managed to get a clearance, I do think they’re missing a lot. Granted, in this person’s case, it’s not so much because of being a leak risk as much as being a general security risk due to not being tech savvy and working in a tech-oriented position (i.e., said person is an easy phishing target, IMHO).


I don’t think they actually looked at my social media (I was denied a temporary clearance while they processed everything, not the full clearance) but at least in my case, It’s easier to identify me with “Ikatono” than it is with my first, middle and last name.


That may also be true of me. But I’d likely not go around giving that out. Things associated with the handle Naoza, to my knowledge aren’t tied in any way that like… regular dude reading stuff could find. Again using like pattern recognition and knowing like when I log into my personal email and then my work one right after from the same computer could nab me. But I’m doubting that kinda thing gets done.


Yeah, even though it’s probably meaningless in my case I still originally typed out my actual full name in that comment, paused, then replaced it with the phrase “my first, middle and last name”.


Bought mead instead of beer, drank it like beer anyways.


  • Got Glass in my Foot on New Year’s Eve (tiny sliver).
  • Got incredibly sudden and bad leg pain from my ankle to mid-calf after cooking for three hours on New Year’s Day.
  • Got bad fever and pain of leg didn’t go away after cream, ice, heat, painkillers and elevation.
  • Doctor said foot was fine, was healing but still sensitive but still no glass left due no symptoms related to foot.
  • Went to Doctor’s and got TPD shot and antibiotics.

Can’t make it to MAGFest, wanna cry a lot. Miss last year for moneys and regretted it. Now I have moneys but now walking always hurts. I even could have gone with the sore foot since that pain was like a 3 and the leg/calf pain is like a 7.


That’s really rough. I don’t believe we’ve met, and yet you will be missed.


Agreed to do two extra hours of work tomorrow I don’t have to do (not the actual fail). I agreed to do it because the regular international faculty adviser is out on maternity leave and her replacement is in way over her head.

She was given the position without any kind of training and because her English isn’t nearly as good as the person she’s replacing, so she’s having a really hard time communicating with the other international teachers (we talk in Japanese because it’s easier for her).

While I really don’t want to do the extra work tomorrow, I’m basically getting paid to sit around and it lessens her workload immensely.

The fail is mostly on the university’s end for putting her in a position she wasn’t trained for, and if my being slightly inconvenienced will save her a few hours sobbing in her office, that’s fine.

They do only get to use this excuse once, though.


Follow up from earlier, had to go to the ER. Doctors believe it’s cellulitis. Taking antiboitics. If I’m doing better then everything should be alright but if I don’t show any signs of improvement by tomorrow then they’ll admit me to the hospital.


Leaving magfest early to find out that the shower may not work for a while


Batoto is closing down. I guess I’ll have to find another place to read manga that doesn’t block VPNs.


There’s always, although it’s in a bad way for the next few days. Signup instructions are here. For some reason they feel the need to keep out scrubs by making you register your account with an IRC bot, in a channel that blocks web clients.


Trying to get back into study after a shitter of December is like pulling teeth.