Fail of Your Day


I am 27 with bad knees and a bad back. What the hell went wrong.


“Congratulations! It’s a Curmudgeon!”


All anyone really wants from life is a cozy home, a nice lawn, and kids to yell at about getting off said lawn.


New guy on my team is suggesting we buy AMD based servers when we already have Intel servers in our VMware cluster. I have no interest in mixing and matching this shit.


I think I left a library book in the lobby of my OB’s waiting room. They have not found it.

I lost a library book. This feels like sacrilege! ;_;


In my senior year, my newly constructed high school’s library finished. In prep for an upcoming trip to France I took out 2 books from the newly opened library for the flights and buses we’d be taking. I proceeded to lose these two books overseas.

I genuinely thought they’d not let me graduate and was actively dreading receiving my diploma as they’d made it clear that if anything wasn’t done, you’d not be receiving your diploma that day.

I graduated and never heard anything about it.


GASP! She’s human like the rest of us! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Kate_Monster I always knew you were a monster…


Oh, I f-up all of the time, but the library is a holy thing to me.


Donate two books of your choice to the library to replace them. Possibly make one of them the missing one. Now the library is better off than before.


No, they have a clear policy and a set replacement price, which is higher than buying a new copy of the book on Amazon. This is going to cost me at a time when I am pinching pennies.

Also, I always donate any books that I no longer want to keep to the local library.



Yea info-wars crazy pants.


Oh wow, even got the classic Ron Paul Reloveloution sticker on there, this dude is a real long-term committed whackadoodle.


Today I found a battery in a wired mouse.


Any thoughts on why a wired mouse would have a battery in it? My guess is the same factory makes wired and wireless mice from the same main parts and one got put in by accident.


Here are reasons a wired mouse could have a battery:

  1. It’s el cheapo bootleg mouse. They just took all kinds of parts and slapped together mice. They happened to take some wireless mouse bits and put wired mouse boards in them.

  2. The mouse is made really poorly and stupidly. Even though USB provides power, it doesn’t use that power and needs a battery. I guess this could actually be useful if you had a motherboard that wasn’t putting out enough power on the USB ports!

  3. The mouse has some kind of memory. Lots of pro gaming mice allow you to save your settings and configurations within the mouse itself. This is so you can switch PCs without having to reset everything. Good for LAN/eSports situations. Normally you would use solid state memory for this, so no battery is necessary, but a really shitty mouse might use some memory that needs power.

  4. It’s a practical joke mouse that will playfully shock whoever uses it.


It’s #1. There are no contacts to electrically connect the battery to anything.


I think I have mild pancreatitis. Anything fatty or alcoholic is straight up knife-in-my-gut poison. It sucks.


My interim security clearance was denied, so my job offer that was dependent on it was rescinded and I don’t have a full-time job lined up anymore.

Also my wisdom teeth started really hurting, so fuck me.