Fail of Your Day


Who’d you piss off that was dumb enough to try to swat someone in this day and age?


Eh, some twit getting way too overwrought about something that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.


The internet doesn’t have a national anthem. I would like to propose that this be the chorus.


Reddit or twitter?


Reddit, I’m almost entirely certain. Twitter’s on private for a bit as a preemptive measure, since I just don’t want to have to deal with assholes for a bit.


Maybe if you didn’t publish all that fake news people would leave you alone. :stuck_out_tongue:



How many of them mentioned Battlefront 2 micro transactions?


Patreon is tacking on a new service fee effective December 18. Here’s why it’s a scam.


I weep for these women’s children. They put this ignorance out on social media, so I will not black out their names or faces, because f*** them.


Honest question: What is gender if not the body you live in?


Pretty good answer here from Monash Uni.


That only makes sense in a vacuum.



But what does that mean practically?



Fine. Feed be the same bullshit they fed me at Pride when I was a kid. I’m older and know better now.


To be honest, there’s a good chance you’ll never find an answer you find satisfying without seriously engaging with the literature. It’s a complicated question, and attempts to answer concisely need to gloss things. There’s a reason people get PhD’s in this shit.


And I would if the literature didn’t say that my experience isn’t what happens.


I don’t know your experience nor am I all that familiar with the literature tbh so I can’t really help you there.