Fail of Your Day


I live in a blue county in a red state and won’t have an employer plan and make too much for any sort of subsidies and the net of all that is that there are not a ton of private plans and the aca marketplace plans are not great at anything in particular. To further make it weird the only provider on the marketplace has 4/5 plans that have deductibles that would qualify as HSA plans, but don’t meet the other minimum requirements and have out of pockets greater than the maximum. The reason it’s worse now than in the past is that whole blue county thing, we have two medical schools/systems and most carriers were on one or the other which resulted in nobody being happy, so every insurance carrier left this county and now a new carrier is coming in… I guess cause “hey no competition so we can do what we want” or something.

I’m not overly concerned with it all, but it seems appropriate for this thread.


I just had to type a capcha that had me look at an ad and type the company slogan…

Please, drink your verification can to continue.


My headset died yesterday so I bought a new one. It’s fine but the issue is that with the new headset the cord is attached to the other ear, which is annoying when you had the cord down a different side for the last 5 years.


What kind of headset did you get? I’m assuming it’s on the right side now?


I routed a hole bigger than it was supposed to be.


A Logitech H390. I was happy with my old Logitech headset which I used both at home and at work. The old one had the cable off the right ear, the new one off the left.


Car still didn’t start after new alternator, battery, and spark plugs. Finally in the shop likely to get the electronics fixed or the starter/ignition replaced. Gonna cost a lot. I also realized I have some important bills to pay because they were never put in front of me months ago.

I’m just so fucking tired.


Well time to get a root canal overdue but now with dental insurance I can afford it.


I wasted most of a work day driving somewhere to copy a phone, only to find out that a company we pay a lot of money to for hardware forgot to mail us a proprietary USB cable.


I love fireworks, I really do, but 5am on a Monday morning is not an appropriate time.


It has been a while since I’ve bothered to look, but I thought dental insurance wasn’t that great of a deal. You pay $x a month for $y of coverage for the year, but all discounts are capped based on the “standard rates” of the insurance company, so you’re still out of pocket if the dentist rates are higher, and you can’t negotiate. Whereas if you’re paying it yourself, you can still negotiate.

Like I said though, been a while since I looked into it.


Dental insurance costs me $8.50 per paycheck. That is $204 per year. Most years that gets me two absolutely free cleanings and one x-ray. Already that is going to cost more than $204 per year. If I need a procedure of some kind, most of the cost is paid for by insurance. Years ago I had a filling and there was a copay of about $100. The insurance took care of the rest.


If it’s the most typical situation, your employer is also paying $8.50 per month for you and the coverage is capped at like $1000 or $1500. I’m not saying don’t get dental insurance, especially not when it’s partially subsidized by an employer or whatever, but having it or not shouldn’t be making a huge difference in whether you can afford a procedure.


I think paying $200 up front to get $1000+ reduction on the cost of a procedure sure as fuck makes a huge difference in whether you can afford it or not.


My stomach is causing me sharp pangs of pain in my chest today. That ratchets up my anxiety, even though I know it’s not going to kill me. I hate this.


Taking on your employers share and adding that $100 copay you’re already at $500, which may very well be what you can negotiate with the dentist on the $1000 listed to insurance procedure. YMMV, I just recall reading some arguments about the subject.


Ok, next time open enrollment comes around you go ahead and decline dental coverage. See what happens.


I… imagine the same thing that happens every year?



So, someone tried to SWAT me today, and it’s only by sheer bloody good luck(and some mild incompetence on their part) that it didn’t actually work out, and all that was sent around was a just-in-case prowl car. Had to have a nice long talk with the local fuzz about it.