Fail of Your Day


Someone royally messed up their thermal calculations. Expecting to see rubber melting in a few hours.


And where should we be looking? I’m always up for watching a little mayhem.



Given how much of the games press reaction was “yeah I already knew, it just wasn’t my place to talk about it” I can’t say I’m surprised.


After way too long of waiting and back and forth I got rejected for what would’ve been a dream job. I’m sad but relived that I finally know. Then again, they had me on the hook for so long and for such dumb reasons that it makes me wonder how good their intracompany communications even was, which I suspect is not very.

/end vagueness


That’s the worst. I don’t mind getting bad news or good news. The thing that bothers me the most is getting no news. At the very least I want to get some status updates like “we’re still deciding, we haven’t forgotten about you.” so I’m not stuck in the land of mystery.


Got stopped and searched by the police yesterday on the way home because apparently the store I had been shopping in called the cops on me and accused me of stealing. I had looked at a multitool and after looking around a bit decided to put it back. But apparently a knife right below it had just the sheath taken, so it looked like I took the knife, went off camera and stole the sheath and put it back. Luckily the whole time I had been telling them that I had only looked at a multitool and not a knife and was very specific. After the cop looked at the security camera footage I could hear him tell their loss prevention person that he believed me and he later told me he could tell I was putting it back on the top shelf, not the one under it where the knife was. So yeah fuck that place and fuck whoever stole that sheath. God knows how many times I’ve been in a store and felt like I was being followed despite doing nothing wrong, but never actually had the cops called on me. Won’t be shopping there again any time soon.


Drove my car down some steps today. Thankfully its alright but now have to do insurance paper work. My company was very kind and asked after the car first rather than me. So that was good.


Well, that’s a novel experience. By accident, I’d hope!


Yeah I was a bit of a tit and followed the satnav too much. But it was a blind hill and you really couldn’t tell as you came over the top that it was a long set of stairs. Thankfully I was able to put some bricks under the wheels to give it some more leverage. My friend reversed the car and I lifted it up and over. Thank god it was a K-car and all but cut up my hands, blew out a knee and hurt my back. Just pissed at the paper work for a small bit of trim damage.


Due to having a 2.7 GPA When I needed a 2.8 I might actually have to sit this semester out. I’m going on campus to see if there’s anything I can do, but man this sucks.


Dude, that’s really rough. I’m sorry.


Yeah me too. Also have a hold from the Bursar for Summer semester, so unless I can come into some money tomorrow basically I’m out anyway.

Good news is A&S will probably accept me after I my appointment tomorrow.


FWIW, I had a rough time academically in college. Academic probation, I think twice, and very seriously almost got thrown out once. I basically had to convince the dept head to give me one more semester to get my grades up.

There’s a happy ending. For you I mean. There was for me and there will be for you.


At RIT freshman year I started with terrific grades. Then they went way downhill when I realized I just had to do the bare minimum.

I also got fucked this one semester. There was a basic chemistry class, my best science. The professor let you off by erasing your worst exam. The one day I accidentally skipped the class happened to be the day of the first and easiest exam.

I got on academic probation, but I clawed my way out of it without being kicked out. I went from not good enough to just barely good enough. Later on I failed calculus III 2 or 3 times. I finally took it during the summer and got a C. I didn’t learn the material, I think that’s just what happens in a summer class.

My last year I somehow got like As and dean’s list and whatever. The difficult classes were behind me.

Doesn’t matter. Got the same piece of paper as everyone else. Nobody ever checked my grades from college. Nobody ever cared. Nobody ever will care. It will never matter. Could have gotten all Cs. I make enough money to pay NYC rent. Other people with the same exact diploma, and better grades, are not as lucky as I am.

Just gotta graduate by any means necessary.


I had a 4.0 until I joined the executive board of the anime club. That was more work than any of my classes, and I made my decision.

I had to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.4 however, or I would have lost my scholarship and had to drop out.

I thus declined to exactly 3.4, which is what I graduated with.

Talk to your ombudsman, your academic adviser, etc… I new tons of people who slipped below an arbitrary line and were in danger of being kicked out, but were able to cut deals. It’s surprising how many students don’t just talk to the people at the school who decide these things: there’s usually very reasonable and accommodating.


Oh, that’s much better than I was imagining! I thought it was all-the-way down dukes of hazard shit kinda drove down some steps. Thank fuck for that, then!


Yeah I was pretty lucky all things considered. Was those big old steps but was lucky over all. Small bit of trim damage but that was all. Back is a bit sore.

I’m waiting till I get the 86 then I’ll jump steps.


Well seeing as how we’re doing it. I started school much like Scott with excellent grades.

I failed the final of Calc || and convinced the prof to let me retake it after a brake and was able to actually go from failing to a C (final was worth 20% of the whole grade)

I failed Calc III and had to take it again.

What basically got me was complacency. Once I realized I could handle the workload (my freshman year proved that) secure in the knowledge that I could I casually didn’t anymore. The next three years were me failing, getting on probation, dragging my grades back up, getting off probation. Rinse and repeat.

Towards the end those high level CS classes started killing me, CS Theory II specifically was murder (fun fact, I was the only white guy in the class) It was that semester that I had to talk with a dept head to allow me another shot at the class in the form of not throwing me out. I convinced him on the condition that I had weekly meetings with him (which he often cancelled or delegated away)

I never made deans list or anything but I did graduate. I have a piece of paper identical to Scott’s with a different date and name. I basically agree, get the paper at all costs. Beg, bargain, lie, cheat and steal your way to a paper.


CS Theory was also rough. I didn’t learn shit. I don’t even know how I passed. I think I got a D?

For some reason Systems Programming, which I also don’t feel like I understand at all, I got an A? I was writing some VAX assembly in a lab with no Internet and VT100 terminals. I got up and walked out while everyone else was still in there working on their project.