Fail of Your Day


If you’re on political Twitter it’s likely to recommend those. My Jackson account gets recommended them because he follows all politicians and news outlets. My personal account doesn’t get the same suggestions because it’s pivoting away from politics.


My divorce has been finalized… :frowning:


My phone has become unto a brick. Which means my second factor is out of commission for a lot of sites for the next week.


Well today is my birthday and I found out that a girl who I had been seeing, and decided she needed to focus on work, was in fact seeing someone else. Rather than you know working on her nursing qualifications she was seeing someone else. The reason why she saw me was quote ‘foreigners are good for fun but not for marriage’. Yeah thats a great birthday present.


Sorry Amp, that’s really shitty.


Was not a good feeling to say the least. And the dude she is getting with is ten years older, she is 24. The reason being is that he has a good job and is Japanese. Its sort of one of those things you get here but it doesn’t stop it from sucking.

Edit; I feel that I should add a point here. This isn’t every girl in Japan. Its just one of those things that happens where some people are looking for more stability and what they know. I’m worried I came across badly there. It was just born out of this big frustration that this wasn’t the first time it has happened to me, or some of my friends. I get where she is coming from but it just hurts. So I’m sorry if I sounded like a nob.


Nope. It’s one of those things that is a negative stereotype, but is also occasionally true. It’s not being a nob to just mention it when it actually happened to you.


Ah well cheers for that one.


Apparently every single bittorrent site I have in my bookmarks is somehow hosted by cloudflare, which of course is somehow down for me. Anybody got a good one?



Anyone that silly in their interpersonal relationships gets what they deserve in the end. You dodged a bullet, IMHO.


Nick Robinson of Polygon has been accused of sexually harassing a bunch of women over twitter. I thought he was one of the good ones, too.


Awww, damnit.

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KotakuInAction, one of the main GamerGate subreddits, is very angry about him being suspended without “proof”. I guess “ethics in video game journalism” doesn’t extend to sexual harassment.






Your man looks about 43 in his sports kit down to the gym. Ash shouldn’t be worried about catching them all. he’s got a mortgage to pay off and kids to put through Uni.

Also did not know that mortgage has a silent t.


TSA shattered our primary piece of equipment, going so far as to remove its protective coverings and not replacing them. So now we twiddle our thumbs, waiting for a replacement to be expedited.


The FCC doesn’t think people need home internet