Fail of Your Day


Also depends on who their parents are. But yeah, I get stuff like this in ungraded stuff where it is super obvious that a group have all copied each other. It is fun calling them on doing the sane spelling mistakes.


I have students who copy answers from Google, but don’t take the time to actually read the answer or don’t know the meanings of the words.

I had another student who, two weeks ago, was shocked, SHOCKED to discover I read their answers, and submitting the same answer to every question.

They are mystified at why they are not passing.


Me and my wife attend an astronomy club which has always had problems. The guy that runs it is delusional he says that there’s a way he’ll get government funding and he’ll hire Professor Brian Cox and get kids off the street etc. His best friend is rational but bigoted but they kind of balanced each others flaws. We always knew the big plan was bullshit but we were happy enough hanging out just the 7 of us looking through telescopes and dicking about. This week, for various reasons nobody but the 2 organisers showed up.

There’s a Muslim lady that attends with her son and last night she forwarded us a message she’d received from the organisers saying that there was trouble at the club that night. Apparently a group showed up saying the club supported terrorism and threatened to burn the church down so ultimately she and her son were no longer welcome there.

I’m calling bullshit on it. The organisers are just making stupid things up and don’t want the 2 Muslims​ at the club.

We’ve told our friend that she and her son are welcome at our house for similar telescope stuff and hanging out. The only other member had the same reaction as us so it looks like it’s our club now. And still no one knows anything about astronomy.

Yep, cut the bullshit drama people out.

(Edited for being the least comprehensible post I’ve ever written.)


When you love someone and their tweets, but you have to mute them because they tweet so much they take up like 25% of your feed.


Twitter made it waaaay worse by showing a percentage of “Likes” as retweets lately.

So I’m seeing a TON more tweets than usual, and a full 1/3 of them are things other people liked but didn’t actually tweet.


I don’t see this at all. Perhaps because I only use non-official Twitter client to avoid ads?


I didn’t notice for a while. But then I saw that where it usually says “so and so retweeted this” it says “so and so liked this”.


Tweetbot’s Mute for an Hour/Day/Month is pretty great. The default is sad times.


This person tweets constantly every day. It’s not a matter of a special event or something.


Ain’t nobody got time for that. Unfollow.


I just spent half my evening taking apart my fridge to replace a piece of metal with a slightly larger piece of metal.

I guess newer units ship with the larger piece. It attaches to a heating element to keep ice from building up in a drain, but I guess didn’t make enough contact with the element to actually work reliably.


While I was attending a con some malware got installed on the new PC, just nuked it and rebuilding it now


This reddit post isn’t the fail, but the story it tells about a bunch of Broflakes, gaters, and armchair game devs being sucked in by the most blatantly obvious hoax you’ve ever seen is a hilarious cavalcade of failure.


Reading those Tweets at the end was the best part.


If anyone ever makes a museum exhibit about the internet, that deserves to be there.


I’ve just got to kvetch.

I had an awesome day yesterday: a hike with the pups and @adam followed by meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in years. Nothing out of the common way for us activity level wise, in fact it was a rather relaxed, low-key day. Then, this morning, I wake up so fatigued, achy, and weak that I couldn’t function at all. On top of that, I was so tired that I couldn’t get myself in a decent head-space, so I was just a whiny slug monster wallowing in my own discomfort. After a wasted day in bed, I am now getting ready to meet another set of friends I haven’t seen for years for a dinner tonight. I am trying desperately to put on a happy face, pull myself into a vaguely human like shape, and make myself into good company for them. However, all I want to do is stay in bed and whimper quietly. ;_;


There as been a significant uptick in foul redcap proto-fascists & neo-nazis using Warhammer 40K for memes, particularly using “god emperor” and shopping 45’s ugly mug onto the Emperor’s image. One of my favorite IP’s is being tainted. :\


I mean, 40k is ripe for such appropriations for sure, it hasn’t been very surprising. Been seeing hard-right memes riding the 40k wagon long before Trump even announced running.


40k Memes: When you conflate fascism parody with actual fascism.


Someone broke the rule about not letting the cat out on the 4th.