Fail of Your Day

Talking with a fellow EMT, it may not be a kidney stone. I only get the flank pain In the morning and I haven’t felt sick when I got it. My kidneys may not like alcohol too much, and that may be the cause of the flank pain and dysuria, since I’ve only gotten it the day after drinking any amount of alcohol (one hard cider on Saturday night). I might still want to see a doctor to confirm that though.

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Sick again.
I’m congested, but don’t feel feverish. Flatmate is coughing a lot.
Needless to say, we will stay inside, today. I doubt it’s COVID-19, but wandering about while germy is still bad, and I don’t want to give anyone an anxiety attack if I sneeze.

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Doesn’t congestion contradict COVID diagnoses? I’ve had congestion for days and it’s been what’s assured me I don’t have COVID.

I’m probably using “congestion” wrong? I had a runny nose and sneezed a lot. Flatmate is still coughing.

I’ve read a few articles that say (in short) “Don’t confuse this for other strains of the Cold. If you somehow have this fancy new infection, but you don’t have these issues, you will probably be fine, so don’t go running to an ER where you can infect people who do have these issues.”

My “Fail” is that I don’t take good care of myself. And apparently that I don’t know what “congestion” means!

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Nah, runny nose and sneezing are congestion. I can’t remember where I read that that’s not a symptom tho so maybe it is.

Wife fell and broke her ankle. We’ve got an eight month old baby, no downstairs toilet. We’re going to need to rearrange some stuff.


It seems AT&T is blocking me from using certain websites when I turn on my wi-fi. I can go to FRC’s main site, but not this forum (I had to turn wi-fi off just to get on here), and I also can’t download the latest podcast or use Twitter unless I suck up my precious mobile data.

Fuck you, AT&T.

How is that even possible. One would assume that mobile provider shouldn’t be able to affect what goes on with wi-fi in any way.

This makes no sense. Something else is wrong. AT&T sucks, but they are not causing this.

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I’m on ATT and can get to the forums just fine. I’m with the others, something else needs to be interfering.

Do you have any sort of script blocker/ad blocker or other app using a proxy setting on your web browser on your phone?

Those would only be on when on Wi-Fi networks and would be true across multiple wi-fi networks whereas if you were on mobile data they would not be working/interfering.

That would be kind of unusual though. I use some pretty heavy blacklists and this forum still works everywhere. I wonder if there are connectivity or DNS problems. If you type nslookup into a terminal, do you get this?

Non-authoritative answer:

Also what kind of browser error do you get?

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I turned off the computer and unplugged the router for about 10 minutes, then plugged it back in and turned my computer back on. Slowly but surely, I could browse the Internet like normal again.

I’m okay now. I was just frustrated last night.

The healthcare IT company I work for is refusing to allow people to WFH to avoid coronavirus exposure. We are multinational company and regularly have visitors from other countries. They aren’t even regularly sanitizing the elevators/doors/railings. Life is weird, dudes.

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Some people being too cautious, some not enough. Too much is obviously preferable, but I don’t see enough people getting it right in the Goldilocks zone.

Persistent wheezing cough from a tickle in the back of my throat. Know I’ve gotten a dirty look or two.

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Ahh, the ACAB app. I’ve heard of that.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden cancelled the Sakura Matsuri, due to completely understandable concerns regarding COVID-19. They have also had to close the Garden due to those same concerns.

I was going to propose to my Girlfriend either at the festival, or a weekday just before the festival when the trees were in fuller bloom.