Post here all your “Fuck” related shitposting.

Let this topic be an anthology of all the different ways to use the word fuck, in all the different languages and all situations.

Post the word fuck just because it feels good to say and to type.

Fuck the 15 character limit by saying fuck a few times.

Have a good fucking time everyone. :slight_smile:

Tell me if this was a bad fucking idea.

It’s a bit fucking bullshit, I don’t fuckin care. Just gettin me some fuckin dunkies on thew ay out of the office.


/15 moody characters.


Si sente bene parlare Italiano, ma leggere le loro notizie tutto il giorno e massacrante me!

Cristo santo!

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Why the fuck is Fuck censored in the thread title?

This was a bad fucking idea.

OK, next fucking question.

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Holy fuck.

Y’all think you fucking love “fuck” like this motherfucker?

Fuck no! You’re fucked. Seriously, fuck that fuckery, stop fucking around fuckers. Don’t fuck with me, I’m Fuck-o fucking McFuckface. I’m from Fucking, Austria. Fuck off. Go fuck yourself. Shut the fuck up.

I mean, fuck a duck! Who gives a fuck anyway? Fuck if I know! Fuck me this is fucked up, you got me fucked up bro, I need to calm down, go fuck the bar up, get FUBAR, meet a fucken’ chick, fuck a little, fuck myself over, have a kid, oh fuck, raise the little fuck, live a happy fucken’ life for fuck’s sake.


Every-fucking-day when I wake up at 6 in the fucking morning, I am super fucking keen to engage my Zero-Fuck Field Manipulation Device before going to work.

I don’t get much fucking work done now, but at least I can manipulate the lack of fucks I fuck with.

I don’t fucking know alright, I just know how to fuck and shit.

daily fuck limit not reached


I see no difference between this and the full movie, you get the same plot.

Fuck America

Tik tok is a disaster, but Hank Green is on it. Open it incognito, I guess.

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Fuck the royal family, always.