Ethical Consumption (Under Capitalism)

In a just world all that insulation money is getting taken away

Baby steps

The bug war continues in SE PA.

I must say there have been a lot of choice Starship Trooper gif memes going down in r/philadelphia over all as a silver lining.

This is a really cool project in north Sweden. We may be able to learn a lot from it.

Gimmie dat science meat


Just give me essential proteins in tasty form. Umami flavour isn’t necessary for me.

I’m in favour of lab grown meat if it replaces slaughtered meat.

Same. I’ll gladly eat lab meat, or soy. I am desperate to never eat bugs.

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I just bought my first package of firm tofu and I’m gonna see if I can possibly start weaning myself off of fish.

Even just being a pescatarian is quite disruptive to my normal life. First meatless thanksgiving is going to be … interesting. I imagine it’ll be a bunch of awkward questions that I don’t wish to answer.

Unfortunately I can pretty much guarantee you’re right. My parents have been vegetarian for 30 years and they were still weird about me going vegan. Prepare for a lot of unsolicited nutritional advice.

Fixed that for you.


While all consumption is unethical, choosing a more ethical option than this fundamentalist fast food chicken has resulted in a moderate positive improvement. This doesn’t mean it’s ok to start eating there! It means keep on spreading the word about how bad they are to pressure them to improve even more. Being loud about not eating there is working, so keep it up.

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This is good news! But regardless, why get mediocre bigot chicken when there’s Popeye’s?

Please don’t eat that either, for other reasons.

Oh no… oh no why…

Same reasons you shouldn’t eat any other cheapo fast food. Ew.

Oh I was afraid they were also bigots or something. Yeah I’ve had this debate I really like greasy fast food things on occasion, sue me.

I mean, they might be bigots also. I don’t know either way. It’s not like I’ve researched every company ever.

I mean obvs but there seemed to be an implication there was something horrible I wasn’t aware of.