Voodoo is a tourist trap. If you ever do visit Portland hit up Blue Star Donuts or, if vegan, Doe Donuts. Voodoo isn’t bad for the price but it’s kind of in the same middle ground as Five Guys: better than fast food but worse than real premium quality food.

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I think I heard there is a voodoo donuts in with NYC or Boston now.

Never mind it was the Houston location I was thinking of. They also have one in Denver I didn’t know about either.

This is missing from the Doughnut Thread.

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Doughnuts of almost any variety are okay, but only okay. I’ve never gotten excited to have one ore craved them. Cupcakes, though…

Every time I’ve ever had a cupcake, I am left feeling little more than just disappointment.


You guys seem to have an extensive vocabulary with which to describe doughnuts. To me there are just jam doughnuts, ring doughnuts and Krispy Kremes.

Krispy Kremes I still consider a new thing. They are kind of ridiculous to buy because the packs are so large. They do give the individual ones away for free outside shops in motorway service stations but despite being free they still don’t seem very popular because I’ve hardly seen anyone else taking any.

If it is a grocery store or basic cake mix cupcake, maybe. However, a nicely made scratch cupcake or something from a nicer bakery = my second favorite baked good. The ratio of icing to cake is also much better than in full sized cakes, IMO.

Technically a Doughnut

So love for Sour Cream doughnuts?

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I am going to be visiting a friend in Portland, OR just before PAX West this year. And naturally Voodoo will be a stop while in the city. If I can confirm whether or not these donuts stay as delicious for a day or two, perhaps I can be convinced to ferry some of them to Seattle for you if you’d like.

I think such efforts would be rewarded.

The only doughnuts I’ve had that aren’t mass produced is cider doughnuts. And that’s rare, because I live in the suburbs so orchards are a bit of a hike away. Other than that it’s pretty much Dunkin or nothing. I like Boston Kremes and chocolate glazed, but they never add enough glaze these days, so I’ll get Munchkins instead. That increases the glaze to doughnut ratio. Though oddly the last time I was there I just wanted a plain with chocolate frosting.

The only doughnut I won’t eat is jelly, but that’s because I don’t like jelly and has nothing to do with doughnuts.