Dogs and Cats, Living Together: Pet Pictures


Luna and Artemis!


Popuko and Pipimi.


Still haven’t picked out names yet, but here are some pictures, if anyone is interested:


Interested I am.

Also I got a few more,

Rodrigo y Gabriella
Laurel and Hardy
Fry and Laurie
Mitchel and Webb
Nana and Popo
Ash and Pukah
Meryl and Millie
Vash and Knives
Millie and Wolfwood
Ok apparently I can do this all day so I’m gonna stop now.


So this past weekend was the first time I let the kittens out of my bedroom/bathroom to explore more of my house. They seem to be adjusting well and are super curious (about everything). This week, they’re still confined while I’m at work, but if all goes well, by the weekend, they should have free reign 24/7.

Also, I finally came up with names: Ella (Fitzgerald) and Miles (Davis).