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I’ve been trying to figure out where to get a metal and glass desk, preferably L shaped, and there are a seemingly infinite number of models… many from the same manufacturers… with dozens of names and reviews. Then when you want specific details, they seem to be pretty lacking. Sadly I haven’t found a decent aggregator yet to actually track what stuff is supposed to cost and who actually makes quality stuff.

Your’e going to have to go look at desks in person.

Wasn’t there a show on this very topic?

EDIT: Yes.

Original thread from the old forum:

Company move to a new office. Today is the first day. Finished setting up. Was able to fit all my crap with room to spare. I need some magnets and biz for the metal panel on the right.

Or another monitor? Screen game looking kind of weak.

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I don’t need more than two.

my battle station at my new job, 3 monitors is one more than I need I think, but it helps sometimes.

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I too have 3 but I feel like I need 6 simply because the number of things I need to regularly monitor simultaneously. 2 chat programs (we are transitioning), a trade feed, outlook, and then you know actually doing things in browser and whatnot in my center screen. Ideally I’d use the 3 additional screens as dedicated workspaces (one for SSMS, one for TOAD, one as a general use screen for command line sessions and RDP to servers and vms. I can work with 3 screens but there is a lot of shuffling and if I’m doing 2 app work then as one of my keep an eye on thigns screens has to be covered.

Side note, anyone got any good virtual screen splitter recommendations for windows? Preferably free ware?

Important Question: Where’s your chair? :wink:

I took the Aeron chair home. At work they gave us a Hayworth Fern chair. It’s quite good, but definitely at least a tier or two below Aeron/Freedom.

If you end up not wanting/need that aeron, I might buy it from you for Emily.

I’m having such trouble finding an office chair that’s adjustable and not some racing rgb bullshit. Don’t know enough about what good to tell the quality apart from the gimmick. All I want is ergonomics and foldable arms, which I find either one or the other.

All the good ones are expensive as fuck. You can get cheaper imitation ones, but they aren’t as comfortable and extremely poorly manufactured. They will fall apart under any amount of heavy usage. Imitators also lack all the features of the real deal. It’s not like with counterfeits in some other product categories where you can’t tell. The difference is night and day.

If you can’t afford the best chairs, you can find older models used on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, etc.

There are a few top flight brands out there, but Herman Miller really dominates these days.

The reason the gaming chairs make so much money is that they are basically complete crap. They’ve managed to use marketing and a target audience other things to get the margins up compared to “real” chairs. Same reason that you buy a gaming headset and it’s way more expensive than a vastly superior headphones and mic for normal purposes.

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