It could be worse. In 2010, some guy named Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10,000 bitcoins to buy two pizzas. That would be worth $70 million!


I thought that was like, the creator or something, I’ve definitely heard that story.


Any file that was created by my hands and not replaceable by re-downloading or reinstalling was backed up.


Manually or automatically? At 18 and at 13?


From my extremely brief googling, it’s not the power-factor but the fact that it rectifies (although they have circuitry to help alleviate this). Rectifiers tend to pull a lot of current in quick bursts, as opposed to the smooth sinusoidal current of resistive loads, which lowers efficiency.


Manually for floppy disks. Not automatic until cloud storage was a thing. And as long as I have had data, I have backed it up.


How to recover your Bitcoin wallet in the year 3000




What. The. Actual. Fuck. Over.

This is getting ridiculous.



roller coaster sfx




Introducing PonziCoin, The World’s First Legitimate Ponzi Scheme.

Q: Is this a real thing?

A: Yes, PonziCoins are an ERC20 standard token built on the ethereum blockchain that you can buy and sell on this site.

How does this work? Can I actually cash out? How does the price double?

A: When you buy PonziCoins, you are paying ether into the PonziCoin’s Smart Contract balance, think of it like an ether bank account. Whenever you wish to cash out, the Smart Contract will pay you the ether you are owed out of its balance. Every time 100 tokens are sold, the Smart Contract will double the current price it allows people to buy coins from it and sell coins to it.

Q: Can I actually make money off of this?

A: Yes! You can always cash out at 1/4 of the current price, so to make money you would need to wait till the price triples from where you bought it (200-300 tokens must be sold after you buy yours). If you believe 300 tokens will be sold after you buy in, you’re basically guaranteed to double your money or more!

Q: What do I need to buy into this Ponzi Scheme?

A: You need to install Metamask and also need to buy some Ether (ETH), probably from something like Coinbase.

Q: This seems like a great investment opportunity! I need to get back all the money I lost in BitConnect, so can I put my entire pension fund/college fund/retirement savings/second home mortgage in?

A: No, this is a joke. Don’t put any significant amount of money in this, follow /r/personalfinance’s advice and please don’t invest more than you can lose in crypto.

Q: Is this a scam?

A: It’s as much a scam as 99% of the ICOs out there, but it’s more transparent about it :slight_smile:

Q: Is this site secure?

A: We use Equifax-grade security.

Q: This seems to be too good to be true, how am I getting screwed?

A: It’s a literal pyramid scheme. You are fairly likely to be one of the last people to buy PonziCoins, so another 100 tokens probably will not be sold and the price may not ever double again, in which case you could lose up to 75% of your investment. There’s also a small chance the contract runs out of money or gets hacked in which case you could lose all of your investment.

Q: Is this coin pre-mined?

A: Yes, it’s not a good crypto scam if it doesn’t involve pre-mined coins. I have pre-mined 200 PonziCoins for testing purposes and also because I like money.






So, apparently, people are very pissed that their ponzicoins aren’t paying out.


gasp :astonished: