As someone who suffers from Crohns, “death due to complications fron Crohn’s Disease” sounds like complete bullshit. He would have had to have died from something akin to toxic shock or massive internal bleeding, conditions which would not kill quickly or go unnoticed. Being isolated in India to build an orphanage sounds like a riduculous cover story. Same goes for a company trading tens of millions of dollars only having one dude be able to access customer passwords with no alternate recovery options.

What’s more concerning is that this made it to higher courts, which regardless of the outcome will legitimize cryptocurrency as a digital item worth value and for which legal protections apply.

Why am I posting this here? Because…

Nvidia’s stock has plummeted from a high of $292 a share in September to $153 a share Wednesday as demand for its crypto-mining chips dried up.

Man I am glad I dumped my Nvidia stock at the first sign of crypto currency taking a dive.

The company also announced it would buy back 600 million yen ($5.5 billion) worth of its shares.

Kind of a big error lol

However, there is some doubt.

Someone pointed out to me they may have found an actual potential for serious, Real World Use for blockchains where they actually provide a unique real world benefit: Exposing luxury brand shenanigans.

So of course for the reasons stated in the article, they won’t actually do it, as the brands themselves stand to benefit from said shenanigans.

Yeah, I called it.

I think, much like “1800 call att”, we all called this one.

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Sure. “Accidentally.”

I find umbrage with calling hackers “mercenaries” and labeling programs as “cyberweapons”. Pretty tired of all our language being militarized.

1 Like is gone. Does this mean we can buy a GPU now?

Yeah, why not. I don’t see a huge price drop coming any time soon. If you need a GPU, you need a GPU.

Those documents suggest that Bitfinex could be in serious financial trouble. The company has been unable to recover $851 million in cash it had entrusted to a little-known Panamanian payment processor called Crypto Capital.
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Aw man, I can’t wait to verify my identity on top of a giant excel spreadsheet that’s known to have kiddie porn and drug transactions on it! Sign me the fuck up.