GameStop actually tried to flag this video.

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Looks like the GOP is now actually trying to make it palpable that 9 million americans will likely die but that is a sacrifice necessary to save the economy. They are ready to accept (if not perpetrate) a fucking holocaust.


Of course, that rhetoric completely overlooks the fact that “just continue with your life and some may get sick and die” will still have significant economic impact. Masses of individual workers out sick, caring for loved ones, or dead causes significant immediate and long-term impact to business. It is a false choice.


Looks like the Olympics will be postponed a year. The IOC can go fuck itself, but this is the right decision.

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19 and a bit hours direct, but assuming he’s getting either a connecting(since direct flights of that length aren’t the most common) or pulling in for a refueling stop(Middle east is most common), figure on minimum 23-24 hours travel time. It’s just crossed 8:15am here, so it’s about 11 in Auckland, so he’ll be Sydney bound in about two hours.

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Mint the Fucking Coin

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Looks like my company will soon ask for vacation consumption and bring about short-time work.

I’ve often joked with my girlfriend that she’ll soon be in charge at the office where she works part time, because as she tells it, she’s obviously the most capable one there.

Now that everyone is working from home, it’s not really a joke any more. She’s not only doing all the work she did before, she’s also doing all the remote tech support for everyone else to get them up and running in their own homes, plus running the meetings and scheduling for other people.

Being the most technically competent person in the office is clearly a huge benefit in the current era.

At least in regards to the United States, this chart is a best-case report since testing availability has been so incredibly poor. Rate of hospitalizations and deaths are probably more indicative of the spread and impact than number of detected cases.

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Welp. Italy and France are thankfully slowly turning, so is Germany. But jeez, The U.S. looks fucked.

I think what’s most crippling me with anxiety is that the US isn’t even in the thick of it yet


Drexel specifically built a rapid prototyping and manufacturing space for advanced textiles last year as a major push in their materials engineering program has been in that direction. Cool to see it being used in this way.

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Adobe CC is free for the next few months.

Students only?


Yeah, students only. Some rumors were going around about it being for everyone, but it was just standard customer retention stuff for adobe that people were conflating with the student freebie.


I saw some conflicting information in the comments to this and other Tweets. Need some more comprehensive reporting on what exactly happened.