Welp. Italy and France are thankfully slowly turning, so is Germany. But jeez, The U.S. looks fucked.

I think what’s most crippling me with anxiety is that the US isn’t even in the thick of it yet


Drexel specifically built a rapid prototyping and manufacturing space for advanced textiles last year as a major push in their materials engineering program has been in that direction. Cool to see it being used in this way.

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Adobe CC is free for the next few months.

Students only?


Yeah, students only. Some rumors were going around about it being for everyone, but it was just standard customer retention stuff for adobe that people were conflating with the student freebie.


I saw some conflicting information in the comments to this and other Tweets. Need some more comprehensive reporting on what exactly happened.

USA #1!


Related but offtopic


I found out just now, the lyrics come from Chris Franklin - not a surprise, he says that in the video, but which Chris Franklin was a surprise. Turns out, it’s the same one that released a parody song called “Bloke” about 20 years ago, hit #1 on the aria charts, was one of the biggest hits of that year, and he was all set to become the next Paul Hogan - well, probably minus the tax evasion - but just kind of vanished overnight.

I enjoy the creativity of these songs being produced on this topic, since it applies to us all.

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Horrific though that the Fed sent broken gear. Makes me worried about the state of other items, like masks and gloves.

What’s more horrific is that Trump is blatantly playing favorites with who receives gear.