Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


Vic built his own. It does double duty as an elite dangerous controller.


Ok that’s freakin’ cool. Most I’ve made recently is the pot of lapsang I’m sipping.

Is that… is that cardboard?


Why not cardboard?



I just bought one. Making a jog wheel didn’t seem hard, but making one that also had a shuttle? And auto-binds depending on the software that has focus?

Yeah, I’ll just buy that.


After looking through a bunch of laptop ads, it seems laptops in the ~$500 or less bracket go like this. Small/light, powerful, and cheap: pick 2. I think I’m going to look for a HP Stream 11 to try. They have a new Celeron CPU that’s about twice as powerful as they used to be, 4GB of RAM, and a 32GB eMMC storage. For $200 and just over 2.5lbs, this seems as small and light and powerful as I’m going to get for $200.


IIRC, it’s just some small pieces of MDF, which is basically the cardboard of woods.


Yubikey 4 vs Security Key - seems like the 4 supports more features, but not FIDO2. Security Key does, but that’s about the only thing it does. Should I care about FIDO2?


I feel like the main benefit for FIDO2 is just that it’s easier to use, nothing is going to be FIDO2 only as far as I can tell. It’s pretty cool and I think probably a bit more secure. I don’t think I’m going to upgrade my Yubikey any time soon but if I were getting one today I’d probably go for it?


I ended up buying the HP stream 11 over the Surface Go. I discovered that Bestbuy sold an exclusive 64GB version for $30 more and that was the tipper. So far it’s been a great little PC. The keyboard is really nice, it’s nearly a standard full size one. It came with Windows 10 S mode, but it was a snap to switch out of that and get Chrome installed. It’s definitely not very powerful, but the little Celeron N4000 gets the job done well enough. It’s basically Chromebook with a full Win10 OS instead, which is really all I needed. It easily checks the battery life box that I was looking for as I used it casually all weekend without plugging it in. And it’s energy efficient battery, not just a giant battery, so it’s still very light and only takes an hour or so to charge back up. Should work great when I get a chance to load my engine tuning software on it.


Can someone recommend a CD ripping software?


Exact Audio Copy


I think Handbrake can do audio also?


I’ve done high quality in Windows Media player, it is suprisingly well.


cdparanoia for raw audio. What are you ripping it to?



foobar2000 still exists and works???


It’s great. I use it as my main desktop music program.


Foobar2000 FTW fams


And if you need some juicy FLAC files to enjoy on your Fubar2000, Bandcamp is a source for those, and today is donating towards voting rights so, maybe pick up that new underground metal EP, or vaporware cassette or some indie band’s entire discography that you know you’ve wanted.


Anyone used turbolinks? What are your thoughts?