Comfortable Clothing

Usually on a hot day like today, any old boxers would be fine at home, otherwise most other times after work I’ll change into my ‘Thailand’ pants.

Has the nude comfort without being nude, Good for walking in. Awkward for anything else.

I also like ‘toe socks’ for indoors, when slippers are too much effort to take on and off. It provides just the right amount of temperature control and foot protection.

Pictures from their respective sellers

I got these things at UNIQLO which are called “STETECO” shorts. They are basically boxers, with no hole for your junk to poke out. They also have pockets, and the material is a bit more substantial. I use them for pajamas and for laying about the house. Can also wear them outside to walk to the grocery store or whatever, even though you are commando under there. Bonus points because two of the ones I have are Star Wars style.

Any chance I get to not wear socks I will not wear socks.


Working from home the majority of the week has me pretty much in PJ pants and shirts. Since it’s fuck hot summer time now, I will wear tank tops and PJ pants cut off at the knee for shorts. I really should look into more lounging type shorts, but PJ pants are so much cheaper.

I still have to wear socks in the morning because my apartment runs on the cooler side until the afternoon.

I also prefer guy tank tops vs girl because girl tanks tend to have lower neck lines in the front and back and I really don’t like that because when I wear my hair down it itches my skin. Mossimo tanks and shirts from Target are my favorite at the moment. They always make comfy tops.

I have a bunch of shorts that are cut like gym shorts but made out of t-shirt material. They’re perfect for lounging in and they were super cheap.

I work inside Lowe’s stores as a vendor rep in Virginia and this time of year is fucking awful. Lowe’s is stingy and doesn’t pay for maintenance on the corporate level; it comes out of individual store bugets. Most of the stores in my territory are older and the AC systems are 15-20 years old and breaking down and store managers refuse to pay to maintain or replace them for fear of their bonuses. Add on top of that I am required by my company to wear long pants and a collared work shirt and it’s suffering from May to September. Anyone know any good collared shirts that are nice and cool?

Check out golfing polos.

Just discovered a clothing company called “Luke Sport” and I think I’m going to have to get some of this.


So I’ve lost about 80 lbs over the last two years (currently a 38ish waist down from a peak of nearly 50, and hovering at a Large shirt instead of a 2XL), and I’ve noticed that now, my perception of comfortable clothing has changed.

I used to find loose-fitting more comfortable - nothing hugging or grabbing. Now that I’ve shrunk a bunch, I find that excessively baggy clothing is annoying. It moves around too much, shifts weirdly, and just generally makes me feel amorphous. I’m actually more physically comfortable in tighter clothes, relative to body size.

I’m not sure what has physically changed - maybe it’s that because I’m more compact, I have less errant movement, and so when a shirt or something goes awry it’s really noticeable? Not sure, but it’s noteworthy.


I’ve always been skinny/slim, and I’ve never understood how anyone can feel comfortable wearing loose boxer shorts for underwear. For me, there’s nothing stopping my junk from swinging around when I move. I need tight briefs to even begin to be comfortable.

I prefer snug boxers with a bit of compression around the thighs and waist, but I still like a bit of crotch freedom. I don’t need them hugged.

I’ve been thinking about trying boxer briefs though.

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I wore only boxers for all of my teenage years and into university. Let the boys hang free. It was comfortable to me at the time.

That ended when I hit my 30s and being free meant being a little too free. Especially doing long runs.

Now, if I wear boxers all day and don’t have tight pants on… there’s an ache. I keep everything nice and compact.

Everyday wear I go with Uniqlo airisms. I have like 20 of them.


Running I wear underarmor compression shorts

I’ve become a huge fan of proper compression clothing too. The fit and the muscle support are amazing.

Loose boxers are great, especially in hot weather.

They’re terrible for exercise. I wear New balance compression boxers in most other instances.

No one enjoys the pendulum.

I concur that boxer briefs are comfortable, and I always wear them.

Given that I now have to wear compression socks, I cheat as often as I can and wear sandals so I can skip socks altogether -I anticipate I will wear Birkenstock "Arizona"s until Halloween.

Since taking on the mantle of making replica AK-47s as my full-time endeavor (in addition to my other full time endeavor of building replica WWII aircraft), I’ve started un-ironically appreciating the Gopnik steez of full-blown ADIDAS everything. It started as a little “ha ha” joke to have some three-stripe track suit to wear at events, and now its nearly full-time. I’ve got 4 different Adidas track jackets, 3 pair of track pants, 2 track shorts, and a number of t-shirts.

It doesn’t fully replace regular clothes but especially working from home, it’s the gold standard.

And yeah Adidas boxer briefs are my jam.


track pants are so damn comfy

I will attempt to join some threads with these socks for modern dancers:

Rochelle, I also get itchiness due to my hair touching my skin! I think it gives me eczema so I just always wear my hair up.

In other news we got me boxer briefs to try and they’re the best thing ever.