Climate Change

Even if it’s 100% real, I’m not a fan of solutions like this. Granted, this one isn’t a panacea, which is good. But imagine if someone did invent some kind of machine that cleaned the atmosphere. All the climate change deniers and oil companies would be thrilled and completely embrace it because it means they can just go on polluting like crazy.

Even if there was no climate change, we still need to force industrial behavior to change. If climate change has a miracle cure, then it will be even more difficult to do so.

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Again, solutions like this aren’t as effective as just not burning fossil fuels and planting more trees.

You to energy for the process. If it’s from renewables, you still need to build renewable plants, which requires energy…

The energy requirements to do chemical processing of the atmosphere… it’s not going to happen in the time we have to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5C.

Longer term plans may include, removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere with these methods. In fact for carbon neutral aviation fuel, this may be the only method.

To transition from fossil fuels to renewables/ nuclear may require the burning of more fossil fuels. So in that time period all that carbon still needs to be offset somehow.

Eg. instead of buses and trains, cycling and walking. So how many cities are optimising their streets and paths for walking and cycling at present? Levies on diesel vehicles?

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London Greens recognise this. We want paths and roads optimised for walking, cycling and public transit.

If we were smart we’d also get rid of buses too and bring back trams.

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The UN summit today is definitely a high-security event. They have locked down the entire waterfront and 2nd avenue is a mess.

It looks like they are expecting big crowds.

It’s the same as every year. The difference is they actually are allowing biking on 1st ave.

Cops were screaming at bikers to get our of their special lane, but the bikers kept ignoring them. It was a fun ride this morning.

I may bike an alternate way home. It looks like this UN summit is going to draw a lot more public protests and crowds than they usually do. There is even parade fencing up.

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Is this the demo version of banned cars?

The problem in the past was that they banned bikes (even walked on the sidewalk) from being anywhere near the UN every time it had a session. The road was still open: just no bikes were allowed under any circumstances.

Weird, but whatever.

But, the UN happens to sit on the same street as one of the most important bikeways in the city. There’s no other way to go North on that side of Manhattan.

It was never clear why bikes were so specifically targeted, while basically nothing else was.

A quick google maps streetview shows that the whole building is already surrounded by defensive bollards on the sidewalk to prevent a vehicle attack on pedestrains/forcing entry, but if the concern is a bomb threat or just direct personal attack you I could see bikes being a threat avenue for increased speed and ability to get around the bollards.

Note that motorbikes and motorcycles were allowed on the road like normal. ONLY bicycles were banned.

Motorbike is way better at what you described than a bicycle.

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Just spitballing, I agree with you.

I’ve only seen these attacks on Thunberg referenced second hand, this is a fun breakdown of what’s going on.

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Progress so far…