Climate Change

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London is an oven right now.

Careful with this arguement/statement as next time its 12•C in summer you’ll hear “what global warming?”

Local weather != climate change

I could have expanded to say this is the hottest that I’ve experienced London to be in my lifetime, using my anecdotal data to prove something that already has scientific consensus…

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As we talked about on GeekNights recently, New York City is a sub-tropical climate now, and has been for at least five years.

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Everyday, encroaching danger.

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We’ve had decades and decades of, theories, then back by evidence and subsequent warnings about the very likelihood of things to expect from a changing climate.

Now what?

Continuing on a path of still doing absolutely nothing about it seems to be the way things are going.

Fracking will not be banned in the next 4 years.

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Banning fracking just means the same fossil fuel consumption but the supply comes from outside the US.

Putting in place carbon limits and carbon taxes incentivizes reduction in all fossil fuel demand.

Guess which one Biden has proposed. Also guess which one is way less catchy than “ban fracking”.


That is not exactly the most pressing issue in terms of addressing climate change. It’s a disingenuous talking point at best.

Not that the other methods of fossil fuel collection are somehow clean or perfect, but fracking causes additional collateral damage. Most of all it risks polluting the groundwater that people need to drink. And the fracking actually often happens near population centers.

That being said, just because Joe Biden says he won’t ban fracking does not mean it is a fact. Even the best democratic world leaders in history have not followed through on campaign promises, both for good and bad. If there is enough political force to put the green new deal on Biden’s desk, and it bans fracking, he’s likely to sign it.

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