Climate Change

Ooof… right in the feels.

The studio behind Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run teamed up with Greenpeace:

At least I’ll get to live out my dream of growing a beautiful palm tree on the beach in NYC before society collapses.

Heh, maybe not. Depending on the kind of palm it takes between 2 and 100 years to grow into a beautiful palm tree. In 50 years your half grown beautiful palm will likely be underwater.

Then I’ll just get the 2 year variety?

Like 2 seconds of extra research revealed that how long it takes to be grown is arbitrary and generally the ones you see like in movies and in California are about 20-30. The 2 came from how long before you can sell it at a nursery.

Until this year we’ve been using two sets of tires on our car. Winter tires and normal tires. Now we are switching to all-year tires as it simply doesn’t get cold enough in Berlin anymore to worry about snow or ice or even frost on the road.

The more complex reality is not that it will simply never be cold and snow in the winter but that certain areas will actually see more snow and more severe weather. But then warmer and/or dryer days in between or spring beginning earlier. Makes for impactful and unpredictable weather which costs money, affects plants and animal patterns, etc… That’s one of the many reasons that congressman’s stunt a couple of years ago was so stupid to bring in a snowball to prove “global warming” isn’t happening.

The less complex reality is that I live in Berlin, and we’ve not had any meaningful winter weather for maybe five years. I’m making long term tire plans based on that.

Not everything has to be about the biggest picture or the most complex view.

Warmest January Ever

Gao gao

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London is an oven right now.

Careful with this arguement/statement as next time its 12•C in summer you’ll hear “what global warming?”

Local weather != climate change

I could have expanded to say this is the hottest that I’ve experienced London to be in my lifetime, using my anecdotal data to prove something that already has scientific consensus…

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As we talked about on GeekNights recently, New York City is a sub-tropical climate now, and has been for at least five years.

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