From time to time, charities and causes dear to forumites come along. Please share such charities here so that those who would like to aid may do so by donating/volunteering and/or sharing the cause on their social media/in their circles to reach a greater pool of giving.

This family is currently living in a camper in a friend’s back yard in New York’s Capital District. They need to get back to Arkansas to retrieve their clothes, appliances, farm supplies, over $1,000 in tools necessary for the parents to work, their truck (which broke down as they were fleeing their home due to a horrific situation), and all the rest of the contents of the home they were forced to leave. The money is for gas, hotel rooms, food, rental vehicles, etc.

@Nuri can provide more details about the situation if she likes, as she has been working with this family directly.

Please help them fund the trip, if you can. If you can’t, please post and share widely to boost the signal.


They have updated the story on the fundraiser page with more details. We have been helping them get through some bureaucratic issues and working on finding employment, but they have hit a point where they’re living in a non-insulated camper with rusted-out metal (i.e. no running water) and rotted walls with no way to make repairs.

(They can stay with various people around the area for short periods of time and when there is severe weather, but with 2 boys going to school they can’t couch-surf on a consistent basis.)


That is a fantastic idea! Donation sent!
On this topic:
Lisa is amongst many within Australia diagnosed with a “Lyme-like” disease; treated the same way as Lyme disease and currently believed to have been contracted in Asia. There is no effective treatment available in Australia so she is heading overseas to act upon her diagnosis. If anyone can throw her way some dollars, sympathy, or simply recommendations for decent family accommodation for her family as they treat her in Bad Aibling (1 hour drive from Munich) she would be grateful for some love!

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How the hell does an entire country’s health system NOT RECOGNIZE LYME DISEASE as a treatable illness? What the fuck, Australia.

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I am bumping this because the family in question is still far from their goal. If you can’t give, please share widely. Thank you!

The Millers are nice folk, and friends of the FRC. Please give generously and/or share their GoFundMe page with others to increase the likelihood of donations.

My faithful vehicle that served my family for 17 years has gone beyond the point of saving. Affectionately called Kermie because of the green color he took on covered in pollen when he was brand new, this Hyundai made it to the ripe mileage of 227k, took my husband and I on trips to see family in Pittsburgh and Atlanta, for good and bad, and kept my niece and nephew safe. This was a car that my disabled husband could never drive; due to his injured left foot, he couldn’t use the clutch.

My husband and I need a new car, or at least a newer car. With your help, we’ll get a newer vehicle we can depend on for as long as we did Kermie, hopefully with very little needed to get anything repaired after buying if need be, plus taxes, registration, and new handicap plates.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us in anyway you can towards getting our independence back.

This is an ongoing fundraiser, so I am bumping it. Please give if you can and share it on social media.

Please give and share widely to release detained and seperated immigrants now! Friends of mine who work in immigration defense law set this up to raise bond money for detained immigrants, many of whom are asylum seekers, so that they can be released during their immigration process. Being released helps their case exponentially because the can more readily show that they are valued members of their community. This is a direct action that reunites families.

Fight Family Separation in WNY

So this has been making the rounds anyway, but why not provide some amplification.

Leftist YouTuber and game critic HbomberGuy has been going for almost 57 hours straight playing Donkey Kong 64 to help a transgender charity. He has raised over $300,000 so far. Link to the stream

That’s interesting, considering his previous behavior.

Nothing stops someone from being both shitty and doing well, or being shitty in a specific case and “good” when exposed to the general case.

Agreed. Today isn’t about Hbomb, or any other famous face that appeared on the stream. Today is about celebrating the community coming together in solidarity with trans folks around the world, giving what they can to help out, and as a side benefit, having thousands of people around the world telling a transphobic asshole with a huge platform to go fuckken do one.

Sure, we should hold Harry to account. We can’t let him sweep his shitty behavior under the rug. But not today. Today’s not for Harry, today’s for the Transgender community and the Mermaid charity.

Slightly over $41k and less that 24 hours to go. Please give and/or spread the word.

Should have done this earlier. If you donated $7.31 or a multiple thereof int he next half hour to Desert Bus, you have a chance of winning a replica of The Master Sword from legend of Zelda.

Edit: They just cracked $800,000 on the run and $6,000,000 lifetime.

Help children from low income families this holiday season.


This is the sweetest thing. It makes me actively excited to help someone.

Doing a Facebook Fundraiser for Trans Lifeline, a cause very dear to my heart and a resource I’ve had to use. If you have Facebook, you can donate through this link (it’s public, you don’t need to be my friend to donate).

If you don’t have Facebook, I would appreciate it if you tossed them some money through their website.


Two of the Front Row Crew need your help!!

Do you hate cancer? Do you support the LGBTQ community? Do you despise massive medical debt? Then please donate and/or share to aid Natalie & Judith as they do battle with their breasts! Yeet those teats!


Those are some seriously problematic teats. Jeeze.