Celebrity Deaths


Last night the team bus of the junior hockey team Humboldt Broncos was involved in an accident which resulted in 14 fatalities as well as other severe injuries among the survivors. These are largely 16-20 year old kids. I’m kind of heartbroken about this.


Jesus, that’s a heard break. My condolences.



Oh man… I met him once, in the terminal at Dulles airport. I’m actually really bummed to hear he’s passed.






Dad was the only Wait Wait champion to get four answers right (I don’t remember why he was given a fourth) sometime in the late 90s so we had Carl’s voice on our answering machine for as much of my life as I can remember and we had a landline.



Wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino passed away at the age of 82. As a child Sammartino survived WWII in Italy by hiding with his family in the mountains. After moving to the United States in 1950 he picked up weightlifting, bodybuilding and later wrestling. He became the face of the company of the WWWF, which would eventually morph into the WWE, in the 1960s and 70s, holding their world championship title for 7 years in a row and 11 years total, boasting lots of sellouts at Boston Garden and multiple versions of Madison Square Garden.




Woah. I mean, I’ve only heard a bit of his work, but i liked it. That sucks…


Poop, I liked his stuff. :frowning:



She’ll always be my Lois Lane…



I guess it’s time to reread The Right Stuff.



Not sure if it counts as a true celebrity, but… “Roblimo” of Slashdot fame passed away.



That TotalBiscuit guy died. He had cancer for awhile, so it wasn’t a surprise. I never watched any of his content, and I always assumed he was just another one of those YouTube shoutymans. People seem genuinely upset though, so maybe he doesn’t belong in that other thread. Considering his profession, that is quite an accomplishment.


I was watching the developers of Warframe stream when the news was given to the hosts who were close to him. Their reaction was incredibly hard to watch.

Fuck cancer.