Celebrity Deaths


Paul Buckmaster/


Malcolm Young of AC/DC :frowning:


Charles Manson has finally died in prison.


Not a celebrity…


I’m not so sure about that. It depends on whether or not you think celebrity is a good thing. He’s not an entertainer or a role model, but he’s certainly a well-known person (at least in the US).

Either way, his death is noteworthy, but I didn’t think it warranted starting a “Terrible People’s Deaths” thread.


Charles Manson was a “celebrity” in the loosest sense of the term.

If they are well-known in the eyes of the public–whether they’re loved or hated–they’re a celebrity, like it or not.


It makes me think about whether we’re closer to a Manson-esque race war now than at the time of the Tate murders.



RIP Mikio Fujioka. This dude was a sick guitarist. Died at the age of 36, and not from drugs, sex, and rock and roll like you would expect. He fell off of an observation deck by accident. Left behind two daughters. Fuck.


Forgot to post this here last week but Rick Hall, founder of the most famous recording studio in rock n roll passed away.


A heart doesn’t feel right for this post :frowning:



This sucks!


Are you fucking kidding me?!


How soon can we make zombie jokes?


This seems to happen every once in awhile. A celebrity I’ve never heard of passes away. But then the reaction to it is HUGE. I’m still seeing posts about Dolores in all my feeds. So I go to check out the Cranberries on Spotify because I clearly am missing out on something. Then I dislike the music and I feel like a bad person.


You’ve never heard of the Cranberries, I know you were a teen in the 90’s… how did you miss that?


Not only have I never heard of them, I have never heard them. I did not recognize any of the songs on Spotify. If you asked me who the Cranberries were I would guess they were a band simply because that sounds like the name of a band.


//removes your 90’s teen card.


The only way I know about the Cranberries