Celebrity Deaths


Or he might be an X-man like Ozzy is:


Roger Moore, aged 89.


Didn’t know he was still alive. RIP.


Gregg Allman, age 69



RIP Adam West. His shark repellent must have worn off.


With these deaths so close together it reminded me the amazing thing that they referenced the Batman movie in Wallace and Gromit.


Prodigy from one of my favorite rap groups, Mobb Deep, has passed. What a bummer.


A few days late, but may Stephen Furst sleep in light.


Michael Nyqvist

He played a lot of character roles, including the villain in John Wick as well as the original lead in the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy of movies.




Olive Yang, Burmese Royal turned CIA-backed Warlord, opium smuggler, known for torrid love affairs with famous celebrities and actresses, carrying a pistol on each hip, and for being the DEA’s #1 most wanted for many years.


Chester Bennington of Linkin Park died by suicide.


Can I resist this obvious and tasteless joke?


You’re not Gilbert Gottfried. I don’t think you can Aristocrats your way out of that one.



Is it terrible that I want to see him try?


Just because it’s terrible doesn’t mean it’s wrong.


June Foray

I can’t believe this. She was the longest-living voice actor in animation. She was SO CLOSE to 100 years old. Her career goes as far back as Looney Tunes, and she continued with Disney, Jay Ward, and into the modern day. She also founded The Annie Awards.

R.I.P. for her incredible accomplishments.