Celebrity Deaths


I’m not sad he passed, but I’m not really glad, either. I simply don’t put enough thought towards him to have any sort of emotional response to the news. Sympathy for his family, maybe, but that’s just a case of normal human empathy that you’d feel for anyone, for him, nowt.


Hats off to acknowledging real war heroes


You’re not a war hero if you never go to war. A real war hero would be Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson, who stopped the massacre at My Lai. A real war hero would be Captain Sir Edward Hulse, who initiated one of the Christmas Truces. A real war hero would be any one who lead the French mutiny in 1917.


So what? Who could even begin to care? It certainly isn’t me


Yes yes you’re an edgy leftist pacifist, we get it.


I doubt he’s a leftist.


For this guy. I honestly don’t know how I feel. I imagine I’ll wait and see how he’s remembered by history (as well as anyone can in one lifetime anyway)

One thing I can say, is I don’t at all mind people criticizing him today. Screw respect for the dead as a concept in general. And further:


And you’re a white American right?


And this should help on the whole “Leftist” score


Being this vehement about the death of a right leaning politician makes me think otherwise.


I think it’s because he knows we’ll react to it. Not because he actually believes it.


Oh shit, I just remembered who doublegomez is! He’s the guy Churba goes off on whenever they are in the same thread. Now I wanna go find his last rant and post from it.

I spent the effort so you don’t have to


Yeah, confirmed Pharisee.


Please do, I’m curious.


A red banner == left :thinking:


Oh I remember this now.


OK now, to be fair





Of all the ways to accuse some of purity you had to use that one? Even for boring Christian history nerds that would be lame.


You clearly don’t know what a Pharisee is if you think it’s an insult to your purity.

EDIT: to be clear, I would’ve called you a troll, but I didn’t want to disservice the FRCF’s one true troll, Nineless.


It’s Lizi’s way of saying fuck you